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From Data Integration, Master Data Management to Big Data and Advanced Analytics, our enterprise information management(EIM) solutions are structured to drive better business outcomes. As Forrester says, "Information is the lifeblood for all organizations" today and Zuci's EIM solutions make optimal use of information and support organizations in their decision making process.

Tools such as SSIS, U-SQL, Spark SQL, Apache Hive, Apache oozie and Apache Pig are used by Zuci across different EIM processes such as Master Data Management, Data Cleansing, Extract, Transform and Load(ETL) and Metadata management. Our machine learning framework ZUJYA can be used across verticals such as Retail, Finance and Healthcare to validate predictive modeling results.

With enterprise IoT gaining attention, Zuci is investing in building solutions that connect the devices, data acquisition, trend analysis and asset management.


​ZUJYA : ZUJYA is Zuci's test automation solution for Data Sciences and Machine Learning. ZUJYA can help in validating predictive analytics obtained from machine learning algorithms irrespective of any domain in which it is used.

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Tools Ecosystem

eNtegrate : A set of resuable components and libraries that supports your enterprise's system integration activities​