Skilled Digital Artisans


ZUNAS-PT : Zuci's Performance Automation Solution which is a branch off from our Functional Test Solution has integration with performance test automation tools such as JMeter, Grinder and has strong reporting capabilities built in it using XML and XSLT

Quality Engineering


Tools Ecosystem

ZforS : Z for S or Zuci for Software Startups helps small companies assess their application quality taking assistance from Zuci. Please provide the details below and you will get your application quality report in 48-72 hours.​

ZUNAS-FT : Zuci's proprietary test automation solution for Functional Testing (ZUNAS-FT) helps provide high functional test coverage across browser/operating systems, mobile devices and platforms. ZUNAS-FT is built using Java and can work with Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo and other test planning tools like Jira, Testlink

Shabd : Shabd is a voice based test generator which user voice inputs to Behaviour Driven Scenarios and Mindmaps

Enhance your team's engineering productivity with Zuci's solutions

"Quality is built in and not inspected in" said Edwards Deming. Zuci firmly believes in it. Building quality software applications is about writing quality code and Zuci brings the right tools and practices to ensure  that your code quality is indeed of high.

With Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery the emphasis has shifted to early feedback on application quality and quality engineering combined with devops principles and practices help improve collaboration across team that work on building the software.

Programming skills are critical to work in today's quality engineering world particularly in areas such as API Testing and Service Virtualization Testing. Zuci brings the right talent, process and tools to improve your software quality.