In our blog titled ‘Start the change you wish to see in the world’ we said “Zuci’s solutions are designed to improve engineering productivity. Keep watching this space to see us talk about our solutions soon.” And as promised, here we come with our first one. 🙂

In my experience testing web applications in the past, i have often come across the following questions:

  • Why does a web page takes time to load?
  • Can we identify the assets in the page that cause the delay in loading?
  • Is there a way to build a test automation solution to check the asset size and report it to development so that they can optimize and make it better?
  • How can I use this solution across the tens of thousands of thousands of pages we have on the website?

If you are also plagued by the same issues, here is the solution. Zuci has built a utility using Webdriver, Java and Browser-Mob-Proxy that categorizes your page based on various asset types and their sizes. Not just that. The solution works across technologies such as Flex, Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, nodeJS and secured sites. We are sharing this code in Git for users who experience the challenges mentioned above.

Please checkout the code from (Go through every detail in for setup and technical details) and start using it.

Cool. Now that we have a solution, we need to have improvements to make it better, ain’t it? So what are we planning to do ? To know our roadmap visit

In case of any questions and feedback, write to us at