Handymen are indispensable. They are always around and so popular that singers like Elvis Presley and James Taylor honored them in their songs.

A handyman is all I am around this place

Every time I turn around, he’s right up in my face

says Elvis Presley, in the soundtrack, “I am A Roustabout”

Here is the main thing I want to say

I’m busy twenty-four hours a day

sang James Taylor, about the Handyman and when we built ZUJYA, our Handyman for Data Sciences we couldn’t resist ourselves from envisioning what Elvis Presley or James Taylor would have said about it. 😊

Hello big data experts

Don’t let overwhelming data trigger your ire 

A lot of takeaways from here

If you are all ears

You fellas always wanted this

A middleware for your data that’s sheer bliss

Be it configuration, console management or Native language support

There’s nothing that you need to worry about

The Zujya handyman gives you all that you need

To ensure that you don’t bleed money to cut data weeds

Don’t end up getting into a data brawl

Instead give us a call

For the Zujya Handyman is designed to fit all

That never lets you fall

Talk to us know more about ZUJYA and how it can simplify your Data Sciences efforts.

Know more about ZUJYA at https://www.zucisystems.com/zujya-a-handyman-for-data-sciences/

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