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Digital Transformation With Mendix | The Game-Changing Low Code Platform

Low code platforms are the talk of the town. They enable Citizen Developers, Business Analysts, and other non-technical members to contribute equally as a full stack Developer while providing the desired features and benefits for a full stack developer.

Zuci has been using low code platform Mendix for app development and we are quite impressed with the gamut of features that Mendix offers for technical and non-technical members alike. Mendix has inbuilt Agile methodology features such as Sprint creation, Handling backlogs, user stories, etc and is completely equipped with the collaborative and lifecycle features that Agile projects need.

Team Server, an important feature of Mendix aligns with the Continuous Integration discipline that’s most sought after these days allowing developers to merge their “working copy” to the Team Server “repository” and in the process ensuring that mainline is always up to date for deployment. Team Server’s features adhere to the DevOps philosophy as well.

Building Pages, helps developers build apps using the Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro and has many widgets for developers and non-developers to build workflows using drag and drop features. Mendix follows the UML(Unified Modeling Language) notation and OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design) principles for workflows.

Microflows, allow you to insert decision points and custom/advanced microflows can be created and contributed to the Mendix store if developers have the ability to code using Java.

Apart from these Mendix provides User Interface workflows for creating data structures for your database allowing you to establish Entity-Relationship models, a secured environment for your data to be hosted with access at the project and other levels, and a lot more.

Identified by Gartner and Forrester as a leader in the low code platform, Mendix will soon be a game-changer for organizations and people who want to build applications for the digital world using low code technologies.

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