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Latest UI Design Trends For 2023

The expectations of users can be unpredictable. They are looking for experiences that are completely different from what is usually served to them. That’s why some of the design trends become outdated while there are others that still hold the fancy of the users. Last year we saw businesses of all sizes and verticals adapting to the need of the hour. It has also changed the overall scenario of user experience offered by the apps.

Let us look at the latest UI design trends which we think will dominate in 2023

1. Scroll-triggered animation storytelling:

A business that tells great stories would have the power to sway people to their sides. Telling stories with the help of a digital experience can be great for the end-user. Typography is a crucial part of UI and provides a visual treat to the user when leveraged properly.

Text styling will capture the attention of the users and make them feel as if they are a part of the story that is being told in front of their eyes. The users will not just scan through the content but will find themselves immersed in it.

2. Glassmorphism:

As the name indicates, Glassmorphism provides a transparent glass-like look. The users will be able to see through the layers which will introduce hierarchy in the structure. Multiple translucent layers appear over the colorful background. The most defining characteristics of Glassmorphism are transparency, a multi-layered approach where the objects look as if they are floating in the air, a hue of colors that highlight the transparency, and a subtle border on the transparent objects.

3. Emoji designs:

Emojis are an everyday part of our lives, thanks to the constant use of instant-messaging tools. Everyone in the civilized world would be a frequent user of emojis. By introducing emojis in UI design, the business can say a lot with less. It will give a great fillip to the experience of the users. With the help of emojis, you can share complex emotions with the user without overwhelming them. Emojis can be used anywhere from welcome emails, user onboarding, dialogs, push notifications, and so on.

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4.  Brutalism:

This is the definition of a brutalist website-“In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy, Brutalism can be seen as a reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s web design.”

When a brutalist website is being designed, you are not looking at aesthetics. Brutalist websites are made to look ugly on purpose. Ugly, reactionary, bold, uncomfortable, raw- are some of the words used to describe a brutalist website.

5. Micro-interaction:

These are small moments where the designer and the user interaction to enhance the experience of the latter. Engaging, delighting, or creating a moment for the user is the objective of micro-interactions. They are not just visual elements, but they also work based on the user’s actions. It could be triggers that are user-generated or system-generated. There are set rules which determine what will happen when a micro-interaction is triggered.

Micro-interactions improve the experience of website navigation. They make it easy for visitors to interact with your website. It provides instant feedback about an action that was recently completed. It makes the user experience much more rewarding and provides them with an experience that will make them share, like, or comment on the content.

6. Virtual meetings:

With ‘Work From Home’ becoming a norm for most companies, our work lives are still revolving around ‘virtual meetings.’ There are many ways in which you could provide a great experience for the users of such communication tools. The chat window could be even more interactive as most of us don’t use them at all. There could be a communication product for those who have limited access to the internet. Creating applications where you give the users the option to integrate with 3rd party apps so that the calls can be made directly using it is also a great feature.

7. Usability:

There was a time when the focus was on providing a “beautiful” interface, but it has slowly shifted to providing intuitive and user-friendly design. Designers should have usability in mind when they are designing a website. A creative agency’s website will be completely different from an eCommerce website.


It is time to change the status quo when it comes to UI design. Thankfully, the industry has seen a lot of changes, and some of the points that we have mentioned above will completely change the way users interact with applications. If you are a designer, you need to be aware of the trends and keep yourself up to date with the latest changes. If you are a business owner, you should know how these UI design trends will change the expectations of your users/clients.

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