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Mind To Market In 90 Days


Mind To Market In 90 Days

Uber, Dropbox, and Sendwithus are the high-rankers who defied two most challenging aspects of building new product – time and cost.

So here is the thing. You’ve got a fantastic idea for a new product and can’t wait to materialize on every opportunity to bring it to life.

This is where the fun starts!

The exciting phase of planning for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a step ahead towards your high-fidelity prototype.

MVP Development

Once you have completed everything on paper, the time to take your MVP into development has arrived!

The development side of an MVP is the evaluative and most resource-intensive phase. This part requires the management, the design team and the programmers to sync up and begin that all-important crossover phase from design to development. But the best part about the road to MVP creation is that it is relatively short and straightforward compared to other IT and software-development projects.

The core idea behind minimally awesome products is to crash-launch into the market as soon as possible. This makes ‘time’ a very crucial factor in building an MVP.

In fact, Zuci’s head of technology says,

The moment we delivered and helped one of our healthcare customers launch the product in the market in steadfast time, we knew that we had saved 60% of the cost in the process. Our focus was on solving the specific problem and prioritizing what is most important. We took charge from the inception, we set forth the business plan, the budget, product development timeline, resulting in a successful launch in 90 days.” – Anil Kumar, Head of Technology

Yes, you read it right! 90 days is all it took.

This image below captures a compact summary of the 90-day mind to market approach for MVP.

Our approach is no rocket-science, but is a proven model to hit the market in 90 days because of our experience doing it for many clients like you. You can register here for a free consultation session on your MVP plans, because your problem is our challenge.

Also, what’s your MVP story? We are all ears!


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