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Quantifying Quality With Horus Digital Enablement Tool

horus quantifying quality

Quantifying Quality With Horus Digital Enablement Tool

Conventional wisdom has it that Quality Assurance (QA) is the final step in software development.

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

Quality lives, breathes, and permeates every stage of engineering from design to deployment. Today, engineering success needs a lot more than just QA.

It needs QE. It needs Quality Engineering.

Anyone would agree that in any engineering organization, the ultimate goal is to build a great quality product. So why do these very organizations seem so much at cross-purposes when it comes to delivery?

One vision. Multiple views.

The problems begin because, though everyone within the organization shares the same goal, they speak in different languages.

  • For instance, the CEO may talk about scaling up the business by 10x and set a target of improving platform efficiency.
  • The CIO may focus on delivering the ultimate user experience at reasonable prices, while speeding up the time to market.
  • Software Architects would probably focus on reviewing code more efficiently to make sure the final release is free from fatty code.
  • An Engineering Manager would like to collect the right metrics to improve engineering efficiency.
  • The CTO would seek to develop innovative features that attract and retain customers.

Finding A Common Language

Isn’t the solution obvious? Create a common tool that encompasses the diverse “languages” spoken within the organization and responds to each in their own specific terminologies!

That’s exactly what the Horus Digital Enablement Tool does.

  • To a CEO, Horus is the ultimate tool to boost engineering efficiency and increase business revenues.
  • To a CIO, Horus is a tool that has helped global enterprises cut development costs in half. You can track down the exact financial value of every line of code.
  • Software Architects would be interested to know that Horus has enabled companies save >425,000 person hours. You can perform and submit enterprise product reviews right from your mobile.
  • To an Engineering Manager, whether it’s process rigour, agility, code commits, or any other metric, Horus provides context to your code and gives a quantifiable direction to your engineers.
  • For a CTO, what probably matters most is that Horus has helped businesses boost their sales by 30%.

A Long Overdue Relook At Quality

Horus fills in a critical gap in engineering organizations’ quality processes by embracing a holistic view of quality.

Horus challenges engineering companies to shake off their complacency and question the real value of their current quality metrics. It empowers teams across organizational hierarchies to quantify, and thus achieve, the common goal they all share — the goal of quality.

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