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We Don’t Take Production Logs Seriously, Do we?

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All the activities taking place in Production environments get into a log. These logs contain information about the events, transactions, errors, network traffic, and a few others.

But, we don’t’ take them seriously especially in a high traffic production environment.

We have tools to analyze production logs and many companies use that data derived from logs for decision-making purposes, i.e. logs enable them to take decisions by analysis the past patterns in the production.

In essence, it offers them a value-based decision.

But why don’t we tie logs to quality? It gives insights about the quality of the software that is being built that is commonly unnoticed.

Exception scenarios have to be fed to the log when the system hits boundary cases, responses have to be logged.

Writing fantastic codes would offer no health value if it keeps hitting boundary cases, that itself tells a story about the code’s health.

Horus, an engineering management platform encourages business takes a different view on production logs by connecting it with Quality Assurance.

Real-time data from the production environment are measured, analyzed and used for making the quality decision making.

To be continued…

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