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Keeping agile and DevOps separate is a fruitless pursuit as software development personnel around the globe now embark on a blended approach that seeks to merge the two concepts. Before exploring into this merger, let’s understand what the two concepts fundamentally mean and the basic differences between them.  The Agile methodology is about an on-going iteration of development and testing in the lifecycle of software development. DevOps is a collaborative approach between development and operations and is a technical practice that breaks down barriers between the two teams.

The Agile Manifesto and Methodology

The Agile Manifesto and Methodology

The evolution of the agile methodology proved disruptive for the traditional process and tech-based models of software development. The Agile Manifesto, originally published in 2001, places thrust on individuals and interactions, over and above tools and codes. Customer collaboration is core to an organization. The continuous delivery model is envisaged whereby responding to change is built into the development ecosystem.

DevOps for better orchestration and deployment of technology

As the name suggests, DevOps puts an end to the stand-off between the Development and the Operations team. When compared to the separatist approach of the yesteryears, statistics demonstrate that the contemporary DevOps teams work 30 times faster, with a comparative recovery speed of 160 times. Simplification of various processes like coding, app-building, scanning, and testing as well as the collaboration of various teams like Development, QA,  Monitoring, and Deployment are the striking features of DevOps.

DevOps and Agile: Not the same; not foes either

It is evident that DevOps and Agile are different and are not identical, but they are not water-tight rival camps either. Removing process silos must be the combined goals of both the practices. Faster and continuous delivery to clients is attained in this balanced approach. To enjoy the extended benefits of the tool chain approach brought about by DevOps it is essential that the Agile team functions in line with DevOps.

Is Devops an expansion of Agile principles?

DevOps is not a stand-alone and isolated concept but an active extension of Agile to include Operations in the definition of the Agile team. Collaborative efficiency of the cross-functional Agile team is enhanced when both the practices are merged.

Maximize the synergy between DevOps and Agile

It is a proven fact that DevOps principles must be fused into the Agile environments right from the beginning. On the other hand, it is also imperative for all Agile practices to become more DevOps aligned. To maximize the combined benefits of both the approaches, it is essential to think of a blended approach, where DevOps principles are embedded into the Agile framework, so that both CI (Continuous Improvement) and CD (Continuous Delivery) parameters are met. It is worthwhile to point out that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for such a merger, but a unique and optimum collaboration has to designed for each software development process.

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