5 Critical Steps For Effective Data Cleaning


Reading Time: 10 mins Data cleaning is a very important first step of building a data analytics strategy. Knowing how to clean your data can save you countless hours and even prevent you from making serious mistakes by selecting the wrong data to prepare your analysis, or worse, drawing the wrong conclusions.

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse vs. Data Mart


Reading Time: 14 mins Which database management system has the highest performance, and which is capable of data distribution? To put this question in perspective and help you navigate this world of databases, we have decided to summarize all the differences between these systems in this blog.

Why Should Organisations Start Thinking About a Data Department?

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Reading Time: 8 mins No doubt. The future of every business is data-driven. Data is one of the most valuable resources for any organization and is the oil you need to run the whole company. But why do you need a data department? What will a data department do that an IT department isn’t already doing? This blog explains all your questions.

Integrated Command & Control Center: Why does Every Organization Need This?

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Reading Time: 18 mins Have you ever imagined having a command & control center, right at your fingertips, where you could see an overview and complete 360-degree summary of your business operations in real-time? Well, today, it is no longer a need. It is a necessity. And this blog is to help you understand why every organization needs an Integrated Command & Control Center and the benefits of having one. 

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