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What to Expect in a Test Automation Vendor?

Despite being in an Agile-driven SDLC, test automation often remains treated as a distinct process. The seamless integration of the test automation team and developers largely depends on selecting the right test automation partner. This article attempts to give key factors that be considered and taken care of before choosing your test automation vendor.

Handling Flaky Tests in Software Testing

Flaky tests are a common challenge faced by development teams in their quest to ensure software quality. These intermittent tests produce inconsistent results that may pass or fail unpredictably, even with no changes to the code.

Applying Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Principles and Best practices

A user's expected behavior when interacting with an application is documented and designed into the application using the agile software development methodology known as Behavior-driven Development (BDD). BDD assists in avoiding bloat, excessive code, unnecessary features, and lack of focus by advising developers to focus solely on the desired behaviors of an app or program.

Test maintenance best practices

After all these years, if I were to call one area as the “catch-22” for organizations when it comes to improving their software quality, what do you think would it be?

Why do we love-hate consulting

Consulting has always been a hot topic, and whether it's a necessary evil continues to be a topic of debate in boardrooms and among C-suite executives.

Hyper-automation: An overview

As the business environment is moving towards more complex models and enterprise transformation, hyper-automation is an answer to their expectations


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