How It Works

HALO uses machine learning algorithms to identify creditworthy borrowers accurately and approves them in just a few seconds – In fact lesser than the time it takes to scroll this page.

Signup & Set up your profile

Signup & Set up your profile

Start your free trial and submit your details, once submitted you would automatically receive a unique link to your mail with next steps for setting up your profile. Voila! Welcome to the world of automated underwriting.

Collection of Customer data sources

HALO platform provides a stellar customer experience with two options to upload various data sources to analyze the credit risk of your customers – User can either upload the files manually or automate the data integration process.

We can help you automate data integration of both internal custom data sources or leveraging external data sources – for example, Bureaus, credit rating agencies, and alternative data providers.

The entire data collection workflow offered in HALO provides transparency and accountability to the user.

Collection of Customer data sources
Curation & Model building

Curation & Model building

With access to millions of past data of customers from various data sources, we build a near accurate model with HALO’s machine learning algorithms. This involves identifying, reviewing, and selecting the correct parameters to train the model based on your criteria of acceptance, as well as setting score thresholds and application screening rules to achieve the predictive model.

Once the results of the predictive model are satisfactory in identifying creditworthy borrowers, it is put to the test for continuous improvement.

Compute & Score

Every loan application is validated through the built-in model, which identifies borrower’s risk areas after sorting through millions of data to score and approve the applicant. Once approved, it is passed on to your underwriting team to make more informed credit decisions.

HALO supports API-based integrations to underwriting workflow systems like LMS/LOS systems and provides analytical dashboards for a comprehensive picture of credit risk.

Compute & Score
Report & Maintenance

Reporting & Maintenance

HALO offers out of the box reports on how the model performed, along with the entire lifecycle performance report to monitor the effectiveness of the credit decisions under various economic and borrower trends.

We believe in visibility and complete transparency on how the platform behaves and strive for continuous agile improvement for better credit assessment.


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