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I was not sure if I can live up to the words of the barrister from Gujarat by “being the change I wish to see in the world around me”, but thought I should try and bring some changes in my professional world (through Zuci) and hence the title. šŸ™‚

Having worked on test automation for the most part of my career so far, I always felt extensive unit testing by developers is essential for any application and test automation needs to be built on top of it to achieve the best returns. Having said that, I have also seen how difficult it is for dev to push out a feature they are working on within the stipulated deadline and hence even basic unit tests are sometimes a rarity.

While I had complaints about minimal/lack of unit testing in the past, when I decided to start Zuci, one of the main goals (or call it as vision) was to focus on improving engineering productivity (a term that I borrowed from Google’s James Whittaker).Ā  The ‘Quality Engineering’ part in “Software Testing & Quality Engineering Specialists” came from that.

Yes, to improve engineering productivity, Quality Engineers or QE’s(they are not testers any more) and developers need to work together but QE’s don’t burden developers. Instead, QE’s focus on improving engineering productivity by doing other things such as identifying and writing additional unit tests on top of what developers design to designing automation frameworks and tests that can be used by developers.

Zuci’s solutions are designed to improve engineering productivity. Keep watching this space to see us talk about our solutions soon.