The average small business loan amount extended by Credibly accounted between $ 53000 and $ 56000, and for BlueVine, the figure stood between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000. In addition to micro-financing institutions and angel investors, online lenders, alternative banks and the fintech giants have catered well both to seed capital and working capital needs of the SME sector.

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Small Business Lending Solutions Come With Shorter Terms

Unlike term loans that come with 10-15-year term, small business lending solutions can address the short-term business requirements of entrepreneurs. Small business loans from various online lenders have remarkably lesser tenure, as short as between six and twenty-four months. Short-term loans can ensure that there is optimum utilization of the lines of credit.

Modern Banks Offer Loans That Are Processes Faster

Small business financial needs are quick and urgent. This is the reason why most lending solutions depend on automated technology to the maximum possible extent. Loan approval comes within 1-2 days. The time frame from approval to release of loans is also faster. With Open Banking systems, it takes only a few minutes for lenders to check your credit rating and financial health. A glance over your LinkedIn profile will help them assess the credibility and repaying capacity. Venture capitalism has emerged as a new generation of business financing where lenders invest in early-stage, high-risk, high-return ventures.

Dynamic Pay-Back Options

As solopreneurs, your income stream may be quite errant in the initial years. Small business lending solutions understand the cash flow issues of start-ups and allow them a great deal of flexibility in repayment. Payments from daily sales, fortnightly and quarterly payments are allowed. Foreclosure of loans is also permitted in an affordable manner. SBA loans, term loans, business lines of credit, short term loans and equipment financing – the services portfolio of the fintech company is expanding.

Alternative Lending Solutions Have Redefined Small Business Financing

The quantum of paperwork required to get a traditional bank loan processed might be quite intimidating. With alternative lending solutions, documentation hassles have been eased. Lesser questions asked, shorter forms to be filled and fewer compliances to be met with – these characteristics have led to the sporadic rise of alternative lending solutions in the SME domain. They do not come with the harsh requirements of promoter capital, which might be challenging for small businesses. Crowdfunding sites have been trending over the decade, allowing entrepreneurs to go online, shout-out their cause and invite global lending opportunities.

Alternative lenders, challenger banks, crowdfunding platforms, credit unions and banks are all offering attractive lending solutions, to fill the funding gap in small businesses. With excellent Trust Pilot ratings and amazing APRs (annual percentage rates), your next SBA loan is all set to launch you into the helm of growth and development, casting aside financial worries.

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