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Test Automation is on our genes. No, we’re not saying it, our customers are. When you read the testimonials on our website you will know why we can claim that.

Passion and value are the two key elements that drive Zuci today and our teams constantly look at ways to improve customer experience. Our Machine Learning solution ZUBOT was built based on our team’s unperturbed efforts to provide better customer experience.

And how did it all happen?

Well, after delivering 174 test automation projects and being given a “thumbs up” for each one of them by our clients, the different teams that worked on these assignments came up with the brilliant idea of ZUBOT while sharing the lessons learned.

“What we are doing is reactive, shouldn’t we be proactive?” asked someone as we spoke about what could have been done better as a part of lessons learned. We design and run automated tests, identify failures, confirm if everything looks good, but then we also hear the customer saying, “We got this in production today. Something similar was identified 12 months ago. Looks like a one-off thing. Overall, we seem to be ok.”

We could not let it go just like that!

It was in 2016, when our Data Science team was emerging and our Data Sciences Head as well as Technical Advisor put forth a new idea. He said, “Maybe we should use Machine Learning to build a solution that would use code patterns to identify functional areas of the application from where defects can come from.”

We decided to invest time and money to build this solution we have named as ZUBOT. Today, 10% of our customers have taken a preventive approach to code health using ZUBOT and have changed their software engineering discipline with the right of Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing taking based on the inputs from ZUBOT.