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Zuci presents you ZUJYA – A handyman tool for Data Sciences. Why you need a tool like ZUJYA?

On top of the features above, ZUJYA also:

  • Provides powerful cleansing macro to detect anomalies, weed duplication/regular expression
  • Helps create reports on top of Data warehouse to help Data Engineers
  • Provides statistical modelling that helps quants to view and perceive “Data as Data”
  • Supports Data replication
  • Has robust audit trail to store the past state which helps in traceability and transparency for Data pipeline
  • Uses the EMF/Xtext framework for defining grammar

Zujya is built with DSL (Domain Specific Language) that helps in integrating with “in-built” native support and is capable of communicating with various languages/platform with native adapters such as SQL, Java, R, Python, MYSQL and OS.

Talk to us know more about ZUJYA and how it can simplify your Data Sciences efforts. We’ve also written an Ode to Handyman. Check it out here

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