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10 Mobile App UI Design Examples That Are Clean And Awesome

UI is the first thing that anyone notices when they are on your product. Your customers are looking for a solution that has the least friction while using it, and making sure that you have a good UI design for your mobile app is essential. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best UI designs on mobile apps.

1. Watering Tracker App:

It is a mobile app that reminds people to water plants and track the watering stats for each of the plants. If you look at the app closely, you will observe that the background photos and images of the various plants look really fresh. The color schema, background and the buttons used are in line with the main theme of the green plant.

Image source: Dribble

2. Night Owl Coffee:

It is a coffee ordering app where users can get piping hot coffee in different sizes and qualities based on their requirements. The UI has a unique illustration style. They have used geometric graphic elements to show the coffee machine and it has come out really well. They have used simple gray graphics and yellow buttons which makes it look clean and simple.

Source: UX Planet

3. Pocket:

It is a brilliant app that allows you to save articles or videos which you can view later even without an Internet connection. In fact, Pocket recently won a Webby Award for its user experience design. Google Ventures played a big part in reworking the app. They brought in five people who had never used the app and listened to the feedback to create its simple interface. The result is there for all to see.

Image source: Pocket

4. Instacart:

As the name sounds, it is an e-commerce store where users can choose a grocery store, choose the items they want and get them delivered within the day. The app provides context by enabling tapping on an item to display more details rather than just opening into a new page. The item’s pictures move its position in such a way that the users can clearly understand the transition and can relate it with the previous view.

Image source: Behance

5. Smart Pharmacy:

It is a medicine delivery application using which you can order drugs from your nearest drugstores. With a single swipe, you will be able to view all the information about the drug store. Its checkout process is easy and logical. After you purchase from them once, all of your information is stored so that it isn’t a hassle the second time around.

Image source: Behance

6. Uber:

Without a doubt, Uber has changed the way we commute. With millions of customers around the world, it is no wonder that their UI is brilliant. You will see a simple interface where there is a search bar for the destination, a map with your current location on it, and all the taxis that are available from your area. You can hail a cab with just three steps, that’s what makes it one of the best examples of UI design.

Source: Engadget

7. Starbucks:

Its mobile application is designed in black, brown, and green colors, which reminds us of their logo and the coffee itself. They have even changed the interface during Covid-19 where people can order their coffee even before you arrive at the cafe.

Source: Dribble

When you open the Starbucks app, you see the closest cafes and you can customize your coffee on the app itself. Another cool feature of its app is that it shows your drinks history, using which you can collect rewards and bonuses.

8. Calm:

It is one of the world’s most popular meditation apps. As soon as you open the application, you are welcomed with images of nature. On the main screen, you will find a few buttons, but they do not overshadow the pictures of nature in the background. The app is also extremely easy to use. It even has a time-tracker feature that shows the progress you are making with your meditation.

Image source: Techcrunch

9. Duolingo:

A leader in the language learning genre, Duolingo is also known for its incredible UI which makes learning easy for its students. When a student makes progress in their lessons, they see colorful round icons that show where they stand. It is easy to add or remove languages and there is also a dashboard that shows everything that you want to know about how you are faring on Duolingo’s classes.

Image source: Mobindustry

10. Runtastic by Adidas:

If you want different kinds of exercises, Runtastic is one of the best apps that you can use. It has a variety of workout plans that you can choose from. Under each of the workouts, you will be able to see the exercises without even having to click on it. The videos on the app have basic instructions on how to do the exercises, voice comments, etc.

Image source: Runtastic


To deliver the right message to your customers, your UI is pivotal. By designing a brilliant user interface, you can keep the visitors hooked. No matter how functionally great your product is, if the same values don’t reflect in the interface, your users will be turned off.

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