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15 Most Popular Apps to Download in 2022

A mobile app for everyone and everything exists. All that needs to be done is a quick search at the infamous Play Store or App Store. Mobile apps have taken over our most precious asset – time. So, it’s imperative to evaluate if you’re spending your time on the right apps.  

As per a survey by Statista, users are expected to download an impressive 258.2 billion mobile apps in 2022, worldwide. 

Multiple apps on your phone but are you using these 15 most popular apps? Find out right away! 

Plus, let’s also look at what has changed in the download trends from what it was in 2021.  

1. Instagram

By the end of 2021, Instagram achieved a new milestone of 2 billion active users monthly. That says a lot about the photo sharing platform’s popularity, that has a huge user base in the US and India. Instagram reels introduced at the end of 2020 further accelerated app usage, with almost everyone running to make a 60 seconder on trending music. 1/3rd of the total audience is actively engaged in Instagram stories on a daily basis. We doubt you already don’t have this one on your mobile. 

2. TikTok 

TikTok has maintained its position as the most downloaded app overall as well on App Store. It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and truer words haven’t been spoken for TikTok. Almost every popular platform has tried to feed off on the success of TikTok’s video format, right from Instagram reels to YouTube shorts. It surpassed 1 billion members in 2021 and solidified its position among the GenZ crowd. With time it is expected to outperform popular apps like Snapchat and others. 

3. Netflix 

Netflix remains an undisputed winner when it comes to video consumption. Even though multiple OTT platforms have sprung up in the recent past, they are yet to achieve the popularity Netflix has built. A survey says, almost 2 in every 3 adults in the US holds a Netflix subscription. Netflix has started churning a lot of noteworthy original content which is driving its popularity. The subscription rate for watching Netflix on mobile only is quite nominal thus encouraging more subscribers. A captivating user interface is an added experience of using this app. 

4. Telegram 

In the beginning of 2021, Telegram was the most downloaded app globally. Despite not being owned by a giant company like Facebook, what draws users to this app is its privacy and security. One can connect using usernames on Telegram, thus not having to share your number is another edge using this app. Secret chats, self-destruct timers, cloud access are a few of the features which make Telegram a user-friendly option. If all this isn’t reason enough, Telegram also lets you transfer files with sizes up to 2GB. This is the highest among any kind of chat apps.  

5. Snapchat 

Although faring slightly behind its biggest competitor – Instagram, Snapchat still continues to rake in maximum users between the age group of 15 to 25. Fair to say, Snapchat did a lot of things before it was cool, case in point – Filters and Stories. There is no way one can overlook the role this app has played in having fun with Augmented Reality. Snapchat continues to do new things ever so often to keep its users hooked and it seems to be working amidst tough competition. So how many of you are still maintaining those streaks on Snapchat? 

6. Prime Video 

Another OTT platform that’s closely trailing Netflix is Prime Video. The OTT app is set to add Live Cricket to its already diverse bouquet of content. What’s more? It’s all set to invest more in original content in 2022. Which means users have plenty to look forward to this year. Also, you are subscribed to Prime Video when you sign up for Prime benefits as an Amazon member. This adds value to the overall benefits enjoyed. 

7. Fire Max 

How can we not talk about gaming apps while listing down the must-have mobile apps. One such app is Free Fire Max developed by Garena. After its astounding popularity, it was given an upgrade to compete against the infamous PUBG. The makers went a step further and made Fire Max compatible with older mobile devices as well. The upgraded version reached 10 million downloads within 10 hours of release on the Play Store in September 2021. The users were left raving about visual improvements and customizations in terms of audio and animation among others. 

8. Tinder 

The pandemic and endless lockdowns have left most of us wanting to socialize more than ever or if not, just to find someone to have conversations with. Tinder is a dating app available in over 196 countries and is said to have almost 14% of its matches end in marriages. Don’t believe us? Search for #tinderwedding on Instagram. Millennials constituted the majority of Tinder’s userbase. In 2021 itself Tinder had 60 billion+ matches. So, there’s no question which dating app should find a place on your phone, just steer clear of the Tinder Swindler.  

9. Disney Plus 

The pandemic has seen OTT platforms thriving. Disney Plus is yet another OTT platform that’s growing massively alongside its rivals. Content is the true hero for Disney Plus. Not many brands can boast of studios like Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm creating and delivering content for its platform. It has also taken over many shows and films from OTT giant Netflix as well. With the kind of content being released, Disney Plus continues to draw millions of subscribers to its app. 

10. Spotify 

With over 4 billion playlists available, Spotify has substantially grown its premium member base since 2019. It has a playlist for any mood, place or time of the day. It also has a rich list of artists making their music available on the platform. Spotify is not just limited to music, but also hosts podcasts by famous personalities. This is another way to pull consumers. While Spotify has a free subscription model, users opt for the premium model to enjoy ad-free music. So, get the app, sway to the latest tunes. 

11. CapCut 

CapCut is a video editing app that made its cut as one of the 10 most downloaded apps in 2021, more than once. This is the era of creators and short form videos are all the rage. CapCut comes with an option of stylizing your videos with several features like filters, royalty free music, stickers, green screen and more. It simply stands for Capture and Cut, making the complex process of editing videos comparatively easy.  

12. Roblox 

Another gaming app that has taken the scene by storm is Roblox. It’s easily accessible on your mobile and interestingly is extremely popular between the age group of 7 to 16 years. In the pandemic itself the app grew its popularity to a huge extent. This game is free of cost and is home to over 40 million games. Its unique attractive feature is however the online gaming community that takes digital adventures together. Read more on what makes this app so widely popular here. 

13. Twitter 

Twitter easily falls among the top social networking sites of all times. Want to know what’s trending? Head to Twitter. Want to know what your favorite celebrity is saying? Head to Twitter. Want to know the latest news? It’s on Twitter first! Yes, almost half of Twitter follows it to keep track of the news. To be clear, Twitter is a dose of everything you need to know in order to be abreast of world events. So, has it made its way to your mobile yet? 

14. Duolingo 

This app is truly an answer for the need to learn new languages with ease. It offers a freemium plan and has over 30 online courses for English speaking audience and over dozen courses for non-English speaking users as well. It is the most comprehensive language learning platform with an app design that is engaging and easy to use. Almost 80% of students agreed that Duolingo delivers on its promise. Moreover, it teaches you through events, podcasts, and more to maintain a fun element. 

15. Amazon 

There’s a thin chance this app does not already exist in your mobile. But if that’s the case, here’s why you should download Amazon app. Shopping via mobile devices is more convenient than ever and for a marketplace like Amazon that sells almost everything under the sun, it’s no surprise that mobile-only users are rapidly increasing. With its undisputed popularity, Amazon is bound to be on every mobile device in less than 5 years.  


If you thought this was an exhaustive list, you’re mistaken. Incredible mobile apps are making their way to the market almost every other day but few of them, like the ones listed above, are here to stay. And what sets them apart is the user experience and value addition. 

If you’re looking to build an app that is high on engagement, Zuci promises to deliver just that. Connect with us today! 

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