ZIO is an innovative and cost-effective, platform-agnostic, language-based Enterprise Data Bus (EDB) solution. ZIO helps enterprises mine value from the ocean of enterprise data, by transforming structured and unstructured data into actionable business insights. Moreover, ZIO brings all enterprise applications “on the same page” by achieving a seamless and scalable integration of practically unlimited applications on a single unified platform.

ZIO represents a huge leap forward in its approach that overcomes the major drawbacks faced by other solutions. It combines a low-code approach and strong professional services capability to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership propositions to clients.

Common Use Cases of ZIO

Proven across multiple industries

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

A leading finance company, which operates ~470 branches in 25 states in the US, aimed to achieve the goal of matching every customer with a personal loan that met their immediate needs. This involved migrating their database from MongoDB to MySQL. It was a classic ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) problem and while other solutions were available, the software was costly and hiring professional teams was too expensive.

They turned to the ZIO team, which wrote a custom MongoDB adapter instead of using a standard adapter to improve the performance, create a data pipeline, and deliver a much more cost-effective solution.

Seamless Integration of Disparate Systems

An HR firm aims to take the guesswork out of competitive compensation pricing using extensive and comprehensive compensation data and resources. The company had two disparate systems – one with employee data and another with job data.

Using ZIO they were able to orchestrate the data from both systems and feed it into a Data Analytics engine to market price jobs based on industry, company size, and location.

Automating and Streamlining Enterprise Workflows

A strategic production and workflow management firm sought to drive cost and process efficiencies for marketing materials development through expert technical proficiency and workflow automation.

Using ZIO APIs for their print production management and BPO services, they have been able to achieve project/systemic efficiencies resulting in large-scale cost savings and cost avoidance, and optimize returns on marketing investment dollars.

Intelligent Decision-making with Machine Learning

A non-banking finance company aimed to provide fast and fair business funding, ranging from as low as $5000 to $1 million, within minutes.

Using ZIO, they were able to move data from Dropbox into S3 for which there was no support from Amazon’s data pipeline offering. Today, they use machine learning algorithms to qualify good and bad leads with an unmatched level of accuracy deliver loans to qualified customers’ bank accounts within 24 hours.

ZIO brings you an unparalleled ability to create customized adapters that overcomes all the challenges and complications – and cost implications – of other connectivity solutions.With ZIO you can be assured of significantly lower total cost of owning your data pipeline. From small businesses to large enterprises, ZIO helps you create a truly integrated system without compromising on capabilities.

ZIO offers small, medium, and large enterprises all the features – minus the price – that they need for seamless data connectivity across applications.

How ZIO Works

An Innovative Approach to Data Connectivity

ZIO comprises a suite of data management and analysis tools that enable cloud and on-premise integrations, B2B/EDI management/MDM, IoT/API design and management, and workflow automation.

Developed around the DataOps concept for automation and orchestration of enterprise data, what ZIO does differently than other solutions is to use a proprietary, language-based approach. We recognize that at the heart of any application, everything is just data, irrespective of the format it is presented in.

Using its own data-processing language, ZIO is able to take a holistic view of your enterprise data, treating complex and disparate systems as a single entity. ZIO takes in your entire computing landscape to get your apps to talk to each other almost natively, which goes far beyond just creating a ‘mashup’ of apps.

Whether it’s a specific data event, such as moving a single purchase order, or a batch of data that involves moving millions of lines of data from one organization to another, ZIO’s language interprets a multitude of data formats to make seamless connectivity a reality. Clients can pick and choose their language of choice, and ZIO does the rest. ZIO enables you to achieve all this and more:

Unify all your data irrespective of whether your connectivity needs are event-driven, concurrent, batch processing etc.

Overcome silos with true integration across systems, whether they are internal business units or external systems of customers and partners.

Extract more value from your data by enabling real-time and high quality data exchange between cross-functional applications

Eliminate monotonous tasks by automating your data exchange and creating customized workflows

Proven solution capabilities that have been tried, tested, and trusted across several small and large enterprises

We have got you covered on any data connectivity concern, sans the high cost.

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Many of our clients have already experienced the power of ZIO in getting their apps connected at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

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