It is one of the 109 sacred lines quoted by Avvaiyar, an iconic poet in Indian literature. Roughly translated, it means “Whatever you do, do it with perfection”, and this one-liner is the guiding light behind everything that we do at Zuci systems.

Vasudevan Swaminathan, Venkatesh Veerachamy and Anil Kumar, the founders of Zuci Systems were working in technological roles for over 15 years. Their love for technology and quest for tougher challenges, was the genesis of Zuci Systems. The founders share similar values, trust and pursuit for excellence.

That’s how Zuci began, in 2016.

The word ‘Zuci’ (pr.shu-chi), derived from Sanskrit means ‘purity’, and we want to create the purest and best version of everything that we get involved with.

opening quote iconHaving worked with Zuci for many years, I can say with confidence that you do an excellent job of taking care of your clients implied by the name of your company”- remarked one of our clients.

Zuci, like any other startup, faced challenges in its initial stages. The seed funds to start and maintain the company had faced many roadblocks. Structuring the organization was an aspect of the business that none of the founders had any idea about. Letting prospective clients know that we were good enough to handle their technology needs was a struggle. There were more issues. We were able to solve each of these with our zeal for work and love for technology. Zuci has been able to forge a name for itself in the technology services domain over the years, and we are super glad about it.

We are proud of our engineering capabilities. Everyone at Zuci goes to work with the belief that they are a part of a company that builds brilliant applications to the delight of its customers. Zuci isn’t satisfied with having clients alone, we strive to be a worthy partner for our clients by guiding them every step of the way.

Our Leadership Team

Founder CEO
Vasudevan plays a crucial role in leading and guiding the company toward success.

Vasudevan Swaminathan

Director of Delivery and Operations
Venkatesh manages customer deliveries and ensures the highest levels of competence and operational excellence.

Venkatesh Veerachamy

Director of Technology
Anil focuses on Quality Engineering, DevOps and Agile implementations for large organizations as a part of their digital transformation initiatives.

Anil Kumar

Advisor & Board Member
Bipin is an entrepreneurial business developer and relationship manager with over 20 years of experience in the European market.

Bipin Nambiar

Chief Technology Advisor
Jana has worked at many start-ups and excels at thinking out of the box.

Janarthanan Poornavel

We’ve been able to consistently create Zen moments for our clients only because of the culture that everyone associated with Zuci has contributed to from day one. Our DNA of delivering excellence was powered by it, long before we even coined a word for it.

Zengineering is culmination of the creative ecosystem we enable, the sense of ownership we empower, the zeal that every Zucian exemplifies.

The DNA of Zengineering ensures we deliver excellence and build top notch tech solutions for our clients.

Zuci System aims for perfection with every project that it does and is always on the lookout to build unmatched products for visionary businesses. That’s who we strive to be.

The Corporate Social Responsibility
wing of Zuci Systems

Ellowhale Education is a CSR initiative of Zuci Systems to provide free coaching to academically bright but financially weak students.

Office Locations