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A Forrester research reveals that 78% of enterprises regard quality and speed as the critical factor contributing to the overall project success. In the face of such challenges, traditional quality assurance models will not suffice. When it comes to software quality, customers are relentless in their demand. Disruptive technologies and a growing digital environment have only made the scenario more challenging.

Quality is a continuous process. And, at Zuci, we understand it. That’s why our quality engineering and assurance practices are built focusing on end to end quality. Our top-notch test engineers apply Agile methodologies, cognitive quality automation practices and AI to offer comprehensive Quality Engineering without doubling your expenses or delaying software release cycles.

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Our Benefits

Zuci Systems has been in the industry helping organizations by providing Testing/Test Automation services for every phase of the software development lifecycle.

As the demand to launch quality products at speed continues to take the front seat, companies with Agile and DevOps engineering teams are gearing up to adopt new practices to avoid falling behind. We, at Zucirealizeit, andhelp diverse organizations, each facing its own set of QA challenges, to achieve quality at speed goals.

Our test engineers are experienced with continuous testing and shift-left testing practices required for modern software delivery. We own product quality and therefore focus on early detection of defects by integrating these practices into your development process, thus reducing your testing cycle’s overall duration.

EPIQ – Our Quality Engineering Objective

Whether it is on-premise, SaaS, Cloud, or any other application, we have a one-stop solution for your quality engineering objectives – EPIQ (Engineering Productivity in Quality), our in-house continuous testing framework. With EPIQ, you can validate the functional and non-functional parameters of your application.

benefits of data driven services

Quality Engineering strategy synchronized with your business plans

benefits of software quality

Easy to integrate Continuous testing & Shift-left testing strategies into your CI/CD pipeline

time saver

Repeatable, easy-to-deploy solution resulting in shorter development cycles

benefits of data services

Help you maintain high-quality standards while your internal teams focus on innovation

benefits of software quality engineering

Scalable, reusable assets and enablers for improving the overall efficiency of testing processes

Quality Engineering Solutions For Varying Business Needs

We offer a full spectrum of Quality Engineering services spanning methodologies like Agile, Iterative, and Waterfall.

computer software services
Functional Testing

Identify functional defects in your application and ensure it works the way your customers want it to perform.

cloud data services
Cloud Testing

Validate the functioning, portability, interoperability, security of your app across multi-tenant user behaviors with an in-house cloud test automation framework

quality software services
Test Automation

Help automate the functional, regression, and performance tests using our in-house automation suite to accelerate the release speed and enhance the overall product quality.

mobile application services
Mobile App Testing

Detect functional issues, amplify the performance, security, usability and improve the overall mobile app quality

software quality services
Performance Testing

Testing your application’s performance upon varying user loads, identifying the blind spots and areas affecting the memory utilization, performance, including mobile client-server interactions.

software quality engineering services
Agile Testing

Help implement the right testing approaches in an agile environment and enable your business to stay on track and deliver business goals in agile speed.

data protection services
Security Testing

Identify vulnerable spots in your apps that are prone to hacks using industry-standard security testing practices and recommendations to improve your app’s holistic security posture.

software services

Help increase release speed, operational efficiency by adopting continuous testing, right CI/CD practices and launch quality products at speed.

data services
API Testing

Test every APIs built-in your product works consistently 24*7 and perform end-end validation of all layers of your application

technology services
Usability Testing

Detect usability issues in your application and offer recommendations on building a user-friendly product and thereby creating an intuitive user experience for all your users.

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Client Speaks

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Mike Kriesman,
CIO at Loris Gifts

“We had a challenge to quickly build a dashboard for inventory comparison across 200+ stores by Category and SKU. Zuci was able to successfully implement the tool and meet our aggressive timeline. Since then they have helped with multiple other key needs including Business Objects reporting, development of a knowledge base for support, and building an internal website to track the IT setups in our stores. Their continuous assistance makes it a valuable partnership for us.”

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