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Struggling with buried data, inefficient workflows, and sluggish development? Zuci’s Activation AI, built on the foundation of GenAI’s powerful learning, tackles these challenges head-on. Turn hidden information into insights, equip employees with powerful tools, and automate code generation – all to supercharge your business. See the Activation AI difference

Digital Transformation Solutions

Zuci is a digital organization focused on the craft of building software which we have perfected over the years. A perfect blend of design thinking, engineering perfection, and customer centricity in our DNA has enabled us to help small, medium and large organizations with superior digital transformation solutions.

Our Values

Zuci overhauls your incumbent technology stack, creates a consistent digital experience and helps achieve a higher throughput. We are able to achieve this with these values that we hold close to our hearts at Zuci:

Whatever you do, do it to perfection.

Always be transparent, no matter what the circumstances are.

Clients who love our work

Evan Paulus,
Chief Operating Officer, Modum Technologies

Zuci has been an incredible partner, providing two critical technology solutions, including an automated appraisal process. They constantly provide novel ideas for bringing value to our customers. Highly recommend their technology partnership in the digital transformation journey.

Mike King,
Product Development Manager, CCube Solutions

Zuci Systems has been an exceptional tech partner for CCUBE. The team has been proactive in understanding our technical requirements and has tried to always suggest the best alternatives, with the transparency and flexibility that makes them unique. We were looking for someone that could become an extension to our existing team, compliment the skillset that we had, and collaborate with us for the benefit of the Product. That is exactly what we received.

Matthew Becker,
Chief Technology Officer, Clark County Credit Union

We successfully automated and deployed a number of robotic automation processes (RPA) in various areas of the organization. Adopting these RPAs delivered rapid ROI, increased control over operations, and enhanced accuracy over time. We look forward to continuing the partnership with Zuci on future initiatives.

Padmanaban T A,
Head of Digital Banking, City Union Bank

We started off with the business problem and picked our spots on where we would want to focus. Considering the pandemic, we wanted to safeguard our balance sheet, and on the other side, we still wanted to grow. So we chose jewel loans and overdraft cash credit as our focus area and took Zuci’s help to identify data sources and build a model which helped us predict the loan portfolios with 99.5% accuracy.

Matthew Riddiough Boylan,
Head of Testing at POWWR

Zuci have always made great efforts and gone that extra mile for us here at POWWR. From the senior management team all the way down to the consultants, they have an understanding as well as give the personal and very human touch to the services and interactions with us.


Mike Kriesman,
CIO at Loris Gifts

We had a challenge to quickly build a dashboard for inventory comparison across 200+ stores by Category and SKU. Zuci was able to successfully implement the tool and meet our aggressive timeline. Since then, they have helped us with multiple other key needs and the Zuci partnership has turned as a valuable one for us.


Brian Fujito,
CTO at Tios Capital

Zuci helped us implement a TestNG-based automated test suite and delivered it in a Jenkins environment, for our data analytics and trading platform. We now use it to verify the critical paths of our systems, prior to major releases. We are grateful to Zuci team’s hard work and successful delivery.

Businesses that love us


Eze Software

Loris Gifts

Merrill Corporation

Dr Chrono

Northern Arc

Our Expertise

Digital Engineering

Zuci is capable of conceiving new application ideas and creating an end-to-end solution that leverages the use of digital engineering components like data, technology, and similar tools.

Quality Engineering

We have extensive experience with the leading quality engineering platforms, frameworks and tools. Zuci leverages AI, DevOps, and automation to create quality products that will give your business a competitive edge.

Digital Experience

Our expertise in creating a digital experience hub helps clients to provide a brilliant experience for their customers. We make you forge stronger relationships with your customers with the right mix of AI, personalization, automation and our understanding of human emotions.

Insights and Intelligence

Arming our clients with insights and intelligence based on data that we collect using different channels can help them understand their customers like no other. Our predictive intelligence solutions studies millions of datasets to predict customer behaviour.

Consulting Services

Legacy applications are a headache, starting from hefty maintenance fees to reduced business efficiency and a lot more. Zuci optimizes your existing IT infrastructure, builds modernized apps and stores it in a multi-cloud environment. Our digital transformation techniques improve business performance and increase your agility.


Delivering excellence and creating Zen moments for those we work with is a culture ingrained deep into our DNA. The dedication that each Zengineer brings to the craft of building next generation technology is the purest form of passion built with total transparency.

Enabling an ecosystem of achieving the best, empowering decision making that stems from a strong sense of ownership, exemplifying beyond the mile work, Zengineering is the mindset that makes us who we are as those that create engineering excellence.

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