How your bank can save $100k a year on automation?


Reading Time: 8 mins Learn how your bank can save $100k a year on automation by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We explore the benefits of RPA and provide practical examples of how it can be used to automate onboarding processes, transaction processing, customer service, and compliance and regulatory reporting.

NFT Market is Booming High – Here’s What to Expect


Reading Time: 8 mins This year, NFTs migrated to Ethereum, token standards were presented, and NFT gaming and Metaverse (Decentraland) entered the mainstream (MANA). How will the popularity of NFT and the widespread use of these tokens shape market growth? Read on to find out.

Process, Types & All Golden Rules to Follow for Data Migration


Reading Time: 10 mins Migrating your data can be both simple and complex process. It depends on users, their requirements, structure of data and environment they are migrating to. Data migration have limitations, requirements and as well as good practices. This blog post is about all you need to know about data migration.

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