Healthcare software testing services

Stop losing your time on inefficient QA practises & reputation of your patient engagement

  • Increase regression testing efficiency by 50%
  • Increase QA process maturity by at least 30%
  • Deliver seamless patient care engagement
  • Reduce high severity defect leakage to production

Healthcare business challenges

Tired of dealing with endless bug reports from frustrated end-users?Struggling to keep up with the constant changes in your product and the time- consuming task of test automation and maintenance?Are repetitive and time-consuming QA efforts holding back the growth of your product?Are you facing challenges in providing a seamless UX across different platforms, browsers and OS?Do you face time-to-market pressure and lack agility?

Insufficient test coverage & flaky test issuesScarcity of skilled test automation experts to transition to automation-based testingAbsence of a scalable test automation framework to cope with environments & integrationsAbsence of a cloud-based testing lab and a standard approach to CX test processFail to view quality from an overall engineering standpoint

Addressing healthcare QA roadblocks

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Test engineering practices review

Enhance your test coverage and leave no room for customer-reported defects.

Test management review

Standardize test management process and establish traceability at each stage of STLC. Move from being people dependent and embrace process-driven approach.

Test automation framework improvements

Identify areas of improvement and extend automation scope across your apps with the help of test automation centre of excellence.

Test governance & compliance

Get visibility into problematic areas, capture defect insights and implement action points. Boost your product quality using SLA-based metrics and reports

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No matter the scale or level of testing maturity, we’ve got you covered.

QA consulting

  • Product quality gap reports
  • Recommendations for QA processes improvements
  • Customised test frameworks

QA outsourcing

  • Flexible engagement models
  • On-site | Off-shore | Hybrid
  • Define, Develop, Deploy, Deliver

All-in-one QA for healthcare

Functional & UI Testing

We ensure your apps undergo rigorous functional testing to ensure all features and functionalities work as intended to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for your user groups.

Performance Testing

Right from performance goal setting to performance monitoring, we integrate performance engineering in your pipeline to ensure your apps handles the expected load and perform efficiently under various scenarios.

Compliance Testing

Rest assured, we’ll ensure your systems meet the latest and most stringent government standards for safety and user-friendliness.

Data Security Testing

We understand your app deals with sensitive patient data. Our data security testing injects security into every stage of SDLC to safeguard patient information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Integration Testing

We integrate testing practices ensure seamless data exchange and functionality between various components or systems such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, laboratory information systems, billing systems or any other system you want to.

Regression Testing

Our test automation engineers make it a priority to identify and execute only the mandatory test cases identified thus reducing testing time by more than 50%.

Interoperability Testing

Our healthcare accessibility experts bring a deep understanding of increasing demands of accessibility requirements specific to healthcare and integrate seamlessly with disparate systems elevating your software’s accessibility and create an inclusive user experience.

Your healthcare software testing squad

With an extensive clientele in the healthcare sector, our testing squad, framework, and processes are meticulously crafted to align with ADA regulations, HIPAA, Hitrust, and SOC certifications.

Our work in action
Test Automation with focus on evolving product's quality
Our work in action
SLA-driven QA to boost confidence in QA
Our work in action
Selenium + Python framework to improve test coverage

We only do what we’re best at

No matter the size and complexity of your app, we strive to achieve desired app quality

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