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12 RPA-gebruiksscenario’s in IT

De oplossing voor een aantal pijnpunten in organisaties is het automatiseren van alledaagse en herhaalbare processen. Het is misschien moeilijk te geloven, maar de meeste organisaties werken als kippen zonder kop omdat er overal ongelijksoortige datasets zijn en er weinig verantwoordelijkheid is. Dit is waar Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in het spel komt.

RPA heeft de mogelijkheid om workflows van organisaties te stroomlijnen, waardoor ze flexibeler, winstgevender en responsiever worden. Door alledaagse taken van de takenlijst van uw IT-team te verwijderen, zullen ze zich ook meer tevreden en productiever voelen. Wanneer u RPA implementeert in het repertoire van uw organisatie, hoeft u uw activiteiten niet te vertragen, het kan worden geïmplementeerd zonder een briesje en zonder downtime.

Ontdek hier het pad naar RPA

Waarom is RPA zo belangrijk voor uw organisatie?

Wanneer uw mensen repetitief werk doen, zoals het verwijderen van een map of het toevoegen van een nieuwe gebruiker, herhaaldelijk, heeft dit invloed op de manier waarop ze naar hun werk kijken. Vergeet zelfs het automatiseren van alledaagse taken, geavanceerde bots kunnen zelfs menselijke gesprekken en teksten verwerken, gestructureerde gegevens begrijpen en zelfs complexe beslissingen nemen.

Wanneer RPA-bots zulke geavanceerde taken kunnen uitvoeren, kunnen uw werknemers werken aan zeer bevredigende taken waarbij klanten betrokken zijn en innovatieve beslissingen worden genomen. Het verbetert hun productiviteit en ze zijn enthousiast om meer moeite in hun werk te steken.

6 stappen om RPA te introduceren bij uw werknemers

Lees onze blog om te weten hoe u RPA bij uw werknemers kunt introduceren en ze er moeiteloos aan kunt laten wennen.

Benefits of RPA in IT

Benefits of RPA in IT

RPA Use Cases in IT

Let us look at some of the use cases of robotic process automation in your IT teams.

User Management:

When you use bots in the IT department, it will have the ability to do account creation, creating email addresses, collects user profile information, etc., across multiple information systems. When a new service request is raised, it initiates the process of creation. The bots can validate requests and exchanges, create exchange accounts and even provide default access provisions.

Data Backup:

It will have the ability to backup all servers with the help of remote access using a set of predefined credentials. Even if the backup stops because of any reason, it will automatically reschedule at a later time. After it does the data backup, the RPA automatically generates reports and sends them to the admin team.

LAN Connectivity:

It pings the server at predefined times and analyzes the ping response to check the LAN connectivity. If everything seems in place, then it remotely accesses the server using the predefined credentials. It goes to the network and sharing centre to check the DNS server entry and IP4 settings. If that seems all right, then the bot will auto-check the next server. When the bot encounters any results, it will immediately try to resolve it, and then proceed to email the status to the admin personnel. Everything with respect to LAN connectivity is taken care of without requiring a human to take care of it.

Password Reset:

The RPA bots gain access to the log system and read the password reset request. After this, it retrieves the employee code of the requestor. After this, it logs in to the management system and resets the password. It updates the log system, changes the status to ‘closed’ and sends the details to the employee.

Checks Server Status:

It checks the server status at predefined intervals and accesses the server remotely using the credentials. The RPA bots check the server status by navigating to “intall-dir/bat”. After this, it inputs “bin/vdp-control-panel” to check the proxy server status. Once it’s over, the first level of resolution protocol, it immediately informs the admin with a report.

Incident Management:

Thankfully, not every issue requires the skills of a qualified human being. Many of them can be done with the help of a rule- based simple RPA bot. RPA bots can be taught to perform automated diagnostics service to solve issues that would only require a set predefined steps.

It will even have the ability to forward complex tasks to SMEs to get the job done. Bots like these not only reduce the time taken to solve issues, but it also increases customer satisfaction by a huge margin.

User Experience Monitoring:

Anything that a human being does, RPA bots can do with more accuracy and faster than the former. For customers who want quick resolutions with their issues, they do not care if a human is handling the issues on the other side or a robot. All they care about is whether their issue can be solved as quickly as possible by those responsible to solve it.

RPA bots not only provide a great experience to the customers, it also acts as a life-saver for the IT department folks who can concentrate on solving more complex tasks instead of working on repeatable and mundane tasks that can be easily carried out by bots.

Network Support:

Your organization’s network requires constant support and monitoring to ensure that everything is going smoothly. RPA bots can manage the performance of your network and run updates whenever required. These bots do not encounter any fatigue, nor does it forget to do basic functions, therefore, the network support that you get from them is immense.

Installing Software:

RPA has the ability to install complex systems and helps with IT automation which can take your business operations to the next level. A lack of inter-connectedness between various software is one of the prime reasons why many organizations can’t get the most out of it. With IT automation enabled by bots, you can even get software installed with just a single click.

User Notifications:

Imaging your IT team sending notifications manually, some of these are to be sent to hundreds of thousands of users. Doing these tasks everyday can have a huge bearing on the productivity of your IT team. Since many of these user notification processes are performed with the help of predefined rules, automating them is pretty simple.

Content Migration:

When you are shifting from legacy systems to modern technology platforms, bots make it happen without any downtime. Your customers will be working with your systems even if there is a huge migration going on. You cannot ask your customers to excuse you for the downtime, that’s a bad business practice. RPAs allow for a smooth content migration process.

Customer Service Desk:

There are a myriad of customer service requests that are common. You can automate these repetitive activities. Execution of processes is done in a faster manner, if there is a need for exceptions, then the bots are equipped to send them for human agents to take care of.

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If your IT team is not equipped with RPA bots, then you are missing out on a lot. It can be the game-changer for your business as it reduces the errors, improves the workflow, assists the IT team, and finally, provides a greater purpose to your IT department. RPA bots have positives written all around it. It even improves business results, protects you against cybersecurity risks, and results in greater satisfaction for both employees and customers. As an organization, if you have been putting off implementing RPA bots, then do not worry, it is easy to set up and doesn’t result in any downtime either.

The folks at Zuci system are experts at empowering organizations with RPA bots. We have years of experience in helping implement these robots for enterprises and SMBs alike. If you would like a bit more clarity before you explore RPAs, we would be more than happy to help you with it.

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