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Charmer vs. Realist View


“AI can save $1 trillion in revenue by 2030.”


Considering it is true, what does it take to achieve this kind of revenue? Artificial Intelligence has been spoken about as the game-changer for a couple of years now. A lot many people have bet on AI as the silver bullet without a clear understanding of how the technology in reality can help them and what they need in place to make use of it.

Misconceptions lead to the conflict scenario of Expectations vs. Reality. Watch our webinar to know how to leverage AI from the industry experts

This webinar can help you understand

  • A true sense of AI Technologies
  • The hype surrounding emerging technologies and their maturity state
  • Discuss use cases that are AI driven
  • Prerequisites to get started with AI


Photo Vasudevan

Vasudevan Swaminathan

President & Chief Consultant at Zuci Systems

Vasu is the President & Principal Consultant at Zuci Systems, where he has played a pivotal role in developing innovative solutions in the financial services space. He has envisioned various solutions including HORUS, HALO, and Handyman, among other.

Vasu uses his extensive industry knowledge to better understand the clients and utilize cutting edge technologies in the most effective ways.

Get your burning questions asked and answered in the 10 minutes live Q&A.


Zuci is revolutionizing the way software platforms are engineered with the help of patented AI and deep learning models. Zuci Systems is a trusted partner in the digital landscape and always strive to deliver genuine value to customers. Their focus remains on helping customers evolve, thrive and stay agile in a challenging business environment.

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