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Data Engineering Services

Eliminate disparate sources & create a unified data infrastructure

Unifying data across “People, Process & Platform.”

More than 500+ businesses of all sizes solve big data problems with our tailored data engineering services to derive insights that deliver progress and transformation.

Zuci’s Data Engineering Services

Data Integration

Our data integration engineering service ensures the integration of data from the cloud, on-premises, and IoT devices. We design data pipelines through the ETL process to efficiently extract, transform and load data into target data repositories.

Data Warehousing Architecture

We specialize in implementing data warehousing solutions tailored to your business needs, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Our focus is on creating scalable, secure, and analytics-friendly high-performance systems. From evaluating your current technology ecosystem to selecting the ideal data warehouse or data lake, we ensure an efficient and future-ready data warehouse for your business.

Data Analytics as a Service

We integrate diverse data sources into the data analytics platform. Our expertise lies in designing, modeling, and defining the essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for extracting business-specific insights. We empower decision-makers with actionable intelligence delivered efficiently at their fingertips.

Data Storage

We specialize in providing secure, low-latency, redundant and scalable storage to efficiently store large amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. Our object storage layer abstracts away the complexity of storage hardware so that you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Data Ingestion

We provide reliable real-time access to streaming, enterprise and market data, while also providing secure data storage infrastructure. We offer batch processing and real-time streaming services, ranging from data ingestion to Change Data Capture (CDC) to publisher/subscriber.

Enterprise Data Management

We provide a consolidated approach to data protection, recovery, and storage management for customers of all sizes to help them realize full value from their data assets. We do this across physical, virtual, and cloud environments by providing quality data protection services and solutions for securing critical business information, reducing costs, utilizing storage as an asset, and to better manage compliance.

Enterprise Data Modelling

Our offering provides organizations with a robustly structured model of their entire data landscape, identifying business data, and IT impacts and producing highly specific ROI-based project plans.

Data Governance

Our data governance service focuses on the quality, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data. We ensure your organization gets a clear internal data policy and data roles, identify and secure sensitive data, monitor access to resources, improve organizational awareness of data and overall data stewardship.

Data Processing

Data can be messy, and it’s essential to put it into a structured format. Every time your application receives data, you will want to transform and enrich it. Our data processing services ensure that your data is stored in a way that accurately reflects the real world.

Our Solutions

ZIO – Enterprise Data Bus (EDB) Solution

ZIO is Zuci’s solution to transform enterprise data into actionable insights. It acts as an EDB solution as an answer to various integration scenarios.

HALO – Credit Underwriting Software

HALO is an analytics product with AI/ML capability to pre-qualify leads and make automated credit decisions for banks and financial institutions.

One Data Hub. 360° Insights.

More than 500+ businesses of all sizes – from large enterprises to Fortune 100 companies solve big data problems with Zuci’s data engineering and analytics solutions to make better decisions for complex business problems.

Why Zuci?

Because you need answers to your business problems, and we are experts in infusing life into data and making it work for you.

actionable analytics projects
faster data reporting
reduction of operational costs
revenue increase
client satisfaction

Round the clock support

Padmanaban T A,
Head of Digital Banking, City Union Bank

“We started off with the business problem and picked our spots on where we would want to focus. Considering the pandemic, we wanted to safeguard our balance sheet, and on the other side, we still wanted to grow. So we chose jewel loans and overdraft cash credit as our focus area and took Zuci’s help to identify data sources and build a model which helped us predict the loan portfolios with 99.5% accuracy. ”

Our Approach Built on Experience

Built on experience, but tailored to your specific business problems.

A proven methodology

Our goal is simple: work closely with you to understand your business goals and objectives, then use our data & analytics framework to build actionable, data-driven insights and recommendations.

Data Context

1 MAY 2016

Data is one thing, data in context is another. Understanding data context is the core of any data analysis project to filter out what is useful and what is not. We sieve and sort through your data, adding the human understanding born of our experience and knowledge.

Data Architecture

1 MAY 2016

Data Architecture is vital for data & analytics projects. It focuses on how to secure, structure, and integrate data silos in a manner that supports business intelligence and reporting requirements.

Data Governance

1 MAY 2016

We will help set the data governance for managing the data assets of your enterprise data by determining who owns a data asset, where it is stored, how it can be used, who can use it and what they can do with it.

Data Engineering

1 MAY 2016

Our data engineering phase of the framework establishes a bridge between your production data and the analytics teams. It supports them by providing a sound foundation for data, and it provides a long-lasting data structure for the analytic teams to mine.

Data Analytics

1 MAY 2016

We start our data analytics framework with statistics, which is more fundamental and broader in scope. We analyze patterns and relationships within the data we collect, to help enterprises with core business problems.

Data Visualization

1 MAY 2016

Data Visualization is the last step in the data and analytics framework. With our custom technology and tools, the data is consumed and arranged in charts, graphs, and other formats into meaningful visualizations that effectively communicate data insights to executives, non-technical employees, and key business stakeholders for faster insights and better decisions.

Our technology tool stack

Cloud Toolset

Analytical Databases: Big Query, Redshift, Synapse
ETL: ZIO, Databricks, DataFlow, DataPrep
Scalable Compute Engines: GKE, AKS, EC2, DataProc
Process Orchestration: AirFlow / Composer, Bat
Platform Deployment & Scaling: Terraform, Custom tools

Open Source

Support for all Hadoop distributions: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR
Hadoop tools: HDFS, Hive, Pig, Spark, Flink
No SQL Databases: Cassandra MongoDB, Hbase, Phoenix
Process Automation: Oozie, Airflow

Visualization Tools

Power BI
Data Studio

Programming Skills

Python: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, SciPy, Spark, PySpark
Scala, Java, R


Data engineering is the strategic process of designing, constructing, and maintaining the architecture that enables the flow and storage of data within an organization. It involves tasks such as data ingestion, transformation, and integration to ensure that data is clean, reliable, and accessible for analysis. In essence, data engineering is the backbone of an organization’s data infrastructure, laying the groundwork for effective data analytics and decision-making processes.

Absolutely. Data engineering is not limited by industry or size of the organization; rather, its relevance is universal. Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, retail, or manufacturing, the ability to process and analyze data efficiently is paramount. Our data engineering services are designed to be adaptable and scalable, catering to the unique needs of enterprises across various sectors.
Data engineering services provide scalable solutions that can accommodate increasing data loads, ensuring systems remain efficient and responsive. By leveraging data engineering services, enterprises can identify emerging trends, forecast market shifts, and innovate products or services based on customer behavior and preferences.

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Zuci’s Data & Analytics solutions are all about infusing life into data and making it work for you!

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