Healthier collaboration and transparent approaches to building better software. Together, we’ll own its quality and perfect the art of QA, no matter the size or shape of the software.

Why Zuci’s QA consulting services?

We can help you:

Zuci’s 4-step approach to QA Consulting: CARE

We carefully built Zuci’s CARE (Check, Act, Refine, and Evolve) based on problems we encountered repeatedly while working with our clients


  • Acquire a basic understanding of your product
  • Understand the existing testing process
  • Gather data and metrics related to product quality and the software testing process


  • Analyze the collected data and metrics
  • Record our observations
  • Identify gaps in processes and areas for improvement


  • Provide recommendations to improve product quality based on the identified gaps
  • Propose relevant testing best practices based on the product requirements
  • Measure and move forward


  • Agree on service-level agreements
  • Define a clear implementation strategy
  • Measure & monitor for effectiveness
  • Set goals and work towards continuous improvement

With CARE, Zuci addresses your challenges around Test Planning, Test Scheduling, Test Execution, Defect Reporting, Release Planning and Deployment.

Outcomes of Zuci’s QA consulting

Thorough understanding of project requirements and costs

Healthier collaboration between development, QA, and other business units

Clear outlining of crucial QA KPIs and regular updates on their status

Customized test strategies aligned with your business objectives

Setting up test infrastructure and optimizing test environments

Complete transparency in every step of the project

Shorter feedback cycles, reducing human errors and communication issues

Snapshot of testing progress and software health in a single view

Test-specific reports and recommendations on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

Optimizing QA and development efforts and costs.

QA Consulting Deliverables

When it comes to software quality, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our QA consulting deliverables are designed with you in mind. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and tailor our deliverables, while ensuring that you achieve your goals.

With our team of expert QA consultants working alongside you, you can rest assured that your software quality is in good hands!

Gap report

  • Analyze product background
  • Define scope of the maturity assessment
  • Record detailed observation
  • Report – best practices, gaps, recommendations, and priority

Recommendations for each QA process

  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Offer recommendations and suggested best practices
  • Take complete ownership of the product
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Eliminate, Reduce, Increase, Create, Stabilize (ERICS) framework

Customized QA framework

  • Determine purpose
  • Design customised QA framework – People, Process & Technology
  • Set up Global QA – TcoE
  • Implement Shift-left testing
  • Project to process area mapping

Clients Who Love us

Venky Surya

Intellihealth strengthens their testing capabilities and confidence in QA through a strategic partnership with Zuci.

Matthew Riddiough Boylan,
Head of Testing at POWWR

Zuci have always made great efforts and gone that extra mile for us here at POWWR. From the senior management team all the way down to the consultants, they have an understanding as well as give the personal and very human touch to the services and interactions with us.


Brian Fujito,
CTO at Tios Capital

Zuci helped us implement a TestNG-based automated test suite and delivered it in a Jenkins environment, for our data analytics and trading platform. We now use it to verify the critical paths of our systems, prior to major releases. We are grateful to Zuci team’s hard work and successful delivery.

Zuci’s Software Testing Consulting Expertise

At our core, we believe in context-driven testing and taking holistic approach to software quality.

Our work in action
Global E-commerce Software Corporation Works with Zuci to Enhance Quality from an Overall Engineering Standpoint
Our work in action
All-inclusive test advisory and consulting package provided to a leading healthcare utilization management solutions company with focus on product quality

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