Data Migration Services

Simplify data migration from multiple sources to the cloud at scale.

As organizations adopt new digital tools, software, and technologies, they must ensure that their existing data is seamlessly transferred to these new systems. Data migration allows for the continuity of critical business data, ensuring that historical information remains accessible and accurate in the digital transformation process. We specialize in simplifying your transition to the digital future. Our data migration services are designed to ensure that data remains an asset throughout the organization’s digital transformation journey.

Common Business Scenarios for
Data Migration

To upgrade legacy applications.

To reduce the on-premise cost.

To centralize data and facilitate interoperability.

Database Migration Services

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Moving your database from on-premise servers to the cloud is a significant leap in the data management process. Our experts excel in this transition, offering a holistic approach that covers planning, execution, and post-migration support. We have successfully migrated on-premise SQL databases to cloud services like Amazon RDS, Google Cloud, and Azure SQL Database, providing you with the benefits of scalability, cost-efficiency, and reduced operational overhead. Our expertise also includes seamless data migration from one cloud service to another.

Heterogenous Migration

Whether it’s MySQL to PostgreSQL or Oracle to SQL Server, our experts ensure that your data remains accurate and accessible throughout the migration process. We specialize in migrating data from one flavor of database to another, ensuring compatibility, data integrity, and optimal performance.

Zuci’s Cloud Database Migration Process

Step 1 – Pre-migration Planning

1 MAY 2016

We assess your data landscape, analyze the source and target systems to identify gaps, prepare a migration plan with clear milestones, and estimate the effort and cost.

Step 2 – Data Assessment

1 MAY 2016

This stage involves a detailed analysis of data in the scope of migration, including data quality assessment and data profiling for duplications, missing values, and other anomalies. We emphasize a trial run to unearth potential issues to refine and optimize the migration plan.

Step 3 – Implementation and Testing

1 MAY 2016

As part of the migration process, we ensure the data is cleansed, transformed and data mappings are performed based on the assessment. We validate data between source and target systems to ensure the data is available for business users without any data-related issues.

We shall employ ETL tools and best practices to automate the data transfer pipelines and transform the data as per the migration requirements.

Step 4 – Performance Fine Tuning and Otimization

1 MAY 2016

We work closely with the developers and IT teams to assess the performance of the business applications and databases to check for any long-running queries or indexes and optimize the scripts for better performance.

Step 5 - Post-migration Support

1 MAY 2016

Continuous monitoring and database optimization, patching, and upgrades followed by end-to-end data validation to ensure the databases are maintained and tuned for optimum performance.

Benefits of Our
Data Warehousing Services

Cost optimization

Scalability & flexibility

Enhanced security


Backup, recovery, and failover

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