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  • Detect defects faster
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Reasons why most test automation initiatives don’t succeed enough

Explore Zuci’s Test Automation Framework

Zuci’s in-house test automation framework is prebuilt with interfaces, well-connected to widely used CI/ CD tools, test management tools, defect management tools and cloud-hosted platforms.

Automation engineers at Zuci follow a structured, meticulous approach to create a framework that standardizes automation processes to best suit your software across the organization.

Rely on Zuci’s Test Automation Service to

Streamline high-volume testing tasks

Never worry about the evolving Product, Technology & Tool landscape

Reduce QA costs and make test maintenance more manageable

Let’s amplify your results, together

We partner with the leading testing tool vendors & offer end-to-end test automation support for all all applications such as: web, mobile, devices, browser & OS

Our test automation service package will help you improve product quality by automating tests including:

Functional Testing

API Testing

Cross-Browser Testing

Accessibility Testing

Why Zuci for Test Automation Service?

  • Level up your QA maturity
  • Set up Test Automation Centre of Excellence
  • Shift-left & Win
  • Optimize testing processes
  • Get the most of CI/CD with continuous testing

Clients Who Love us

Venky Surya

Intellihealth strengthens their testing capabilities and confidence in QA through a strategic partnership with Zuci.

Matthew Riddiough Boylan,
Head of Testing at POWWR

Zuci have always made great efforts and gone that extra mile for us here at POWWR. From the senior management team all the way down to the consultants, they have an understanding as well as give the personal and very human touch to the services and interactions with us.


Brian Fujito,
CTO at Tios Capital

Zuci helped us implement a TestNG-based automated test suite and delivered it in a Jenkins environment, for our data analytics and trading platform. We now use it to verify the critical paths of our systems, prior to major releases. We are grateful to Zuci team’s hard work and successful delivery.

Zuci’s Expertise

At our core, we believe in context-driven testing and taking holistic approach to software quality.

Our work in action
Improved Product Quality And Test Coverage With E2E Automated Regression Suite For A Leading Security Access Management Company
Our work in action
Leading California based EHR company improves user satisfaction with automated regression tests

Test Automation Frequently Asked Questions

Identification of right test automation tool is key to the success of test automation efforts. Test automation tool selection depends on various factors like:

  • Application & its technology stack.
  • Test requirement.
  • Internal process maturity level & skillset.
  • Budget.
  • Tool capabilities (ease of adoption, support, script & reporting capabilities).

Whether you employ an in-house automation engineer or partner with an test automation service provider, the success of the test automation exercise will depend on the above-mentioned factors, automated testing tools you choose and skilled personnel to get the best out of it.

Digital Transformation requires pro-responsive test strategies – a unique blueprint for test strategy to ensure a fully functioning digital customer experience. Key factors to consider would be:

  • Tests focusing on business-level problems.
  • Continuous testing to ensure proactive testing.
  • Improve process by automating anything & everything possible.
  • Real time analytics of test outcome & end-user interactions.

Test automation framework when implemented correctly, can be reused across projects resulting in savings on effort and better return on investment (ROI) from the test automation projects. A well-defined test automation framework helps us achieve higher reusability of test components, develop easily maintainable scripts and obtain high quality test automation scripts. Key features for a good test automation framework are:

  • Reliability.
  • Usability.
  • Portability.
  • Reporting.
  • Integration.
  • Test Data segregation.

We help you with the following with our test automation services:

  • Share focused and precisely defined order of test layouts.
  • Setup continuous testing to help you identify defects at the earliest stage of development, minimizing business risks.
  • Segregate test automation scripts in different suites & groups, based on type, priority, functionality, and environment, enabling quicker testing and instant feedback.
  • An integrated suite of automated tools that can assist both technical and nontechnical personnel.
  • A snapshot of test reports that helps you visualize the ROI (Cost, Speed and Quality) on testing.
  • We understand your current testing and test automation in place, and look for gaps and areas of improvement.
  • Bring in accelerators/solutions that can improve your test automation coverage.
  • Be your best extended team buddy and help you increase the automation velocity.

Automating some tests, but not all of them, is a good idea.

  • You can choose to automate tests that are redundant & repetitive in nature to ramp up your speed and quality of testing.
  • Automating 100% of unit and service level tests can be done and has many benefits, but UI-level automation must be planned with care based on its feasibility, reliability and ROI.
  • Asa test automation service provider, our mantra should be ‘Automate as much as possible’ – this means not stopping at just automating the test cases, but also the process around it—such as triggering pipeline executions, setting up environment and test data, and posting results to test and defect management tools.

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