Transform unstructured tasks into rule-based and structured tasks, enable end-to-end enterprise automation, cut costs and improve operational efficiency.

Identify undiscovered,
organization-wide automation possibilities

Enterprises are inundated with unstructured data. While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) excels at automating structured processes, its capabilities have limits. Explore cognitive automation – it possesses the ability to turn all the unstructured data into candidates for intelligent automation that produces scalable outputs.

Let Zuci help you automate smarter. Our team of automation experts delve into the realms of – RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and other techniques to extract meaningful insights from your data.

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Zuci‘s intelligent automation services

RPA Consulting Services

We assess how automation-ready your organization is, conduct workshops, and determine your requirements for a Center of Excellence (CoE), develop an automation plan and the roadmap to make it possible.

Automation Assessment

Certified RPA analysts will find out the scope of the business processes and determine the impact they will have on the organization.

Bots Development & Deployment

Zuci provides highly skilled professionals such as Solution Architects, Business Analysts, RPA experts, and Program Managers for RPA development and deployment.

CoE Setup and Management

We’ll be your helping hand in setting up an in-house centre of excellence to drive automation initiatives across the organization for present and future.

RPA Managed Services

Our role just doesn’t stop at implementation phase. With an SLA-driven model, we’ll be a technology partner at every step of your automation journey and beyond.

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Zuci’s intelligent automation roadmap with a client looks like this

Requirement discussion

  • You walk us through your processes and show what is typically done
  • Analysis & clarification by development team

Design & Development

  • Intermediate demos to keep track of progress
  • Feedback/ changes incorporated

Acceptance testing

  • Development team shares output (reports) that are to be validated
  • Check for feedback if any
  • Go ahead from your team to schedule production runs

Production deployment

  • Attended runs for a week (team monitors)
  • Move to unattended mode
  • Trigger email notifications on process status

Industries we serve

Banking & Financial services

Credit unions

Energy & Utilities



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Technology Partners

Our Team

Jyothsna Chandran,
Director – Digital Engineering

Success stories with quantifiable outcomes

Las Vegas Credit Union Reclaimed 80% of Employee Time and Effort With Digital Workforce
Transformed Risk Assessment of Loan Portfolios for a Leading Asian Bank
A Technology-Driven Financial Infrastructure Company Improved Efficiency, Accuracy and Enabled Long-Term Savings With RPA
Accelerated Operational Tasks at a Non-Profit Financial Institution with RPA

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