Cloud Migration &

If your digital assets are locked up in legacy data centers costing you money, time, and extra effort, it’s time to move – to Cloud. We’re here to define the right cloud solution for your business needs and get it implemented faster than ever before.

Cloud Migration & Re-architecture

If your digital assets are locked up in legacy data centers costing you money, time, and extra effort, it’s time to move – to Cloud. We’re here to define the right cloud solution for your business needs and get it implemented faster than ever before.

Why cloud must be the foundation of your
Digital Enterprise?

Access to modern, secure, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure is an essential part of today’s business operations and at times, it’s hard to make sure your technology is secure, cost-effective, and agile.

The need to move from outdated infrastructure is driven by an increase in customer expectations and a competitive landscape that has become increasingly complex due to rapid change and innovation. At Zuci, we help you navigate the latest developments in cloud computing, so that you can design, build, and run your business on the most effective platform available.

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Cloud Migration

Shift your data from legacy data centers to unlock the full potential of the cloud

When you make the jump to the cloud, you need to do so with a comprehensive strategy in mind. Zuci’s plan of action includes best practices for managing your migration as well as ensuring your business enjoys new advantages after migrating workloads to the cloud.

Stages of cloud migration

We will determine the right strategy from the 6 R’s of migration for a speedy cloud transformation in line with your business need.

What Zuci can do for you:

  • Rehosting
    Still figuring out your long-term plan but do not want to be bound to the data center? We will lift and shift your workload with no impact on your existing operations

  • Replatforming
    We will help you make the most of cloud-native advantages like scaling, portability and improved performance without rearchitecting your application

  • Refactoring
    Make your critical applications future-proof with our refactoring services. Our strategy will lead your business to be more profitable and agile

  • Retaining
    Our thorough analysis of your infrastructure will help decide if your application must be retained due to cloud incompatibility or compliance issues at the moment.

  • Retiring
    If your applications have become redundant or obsolete and are still incurring high cost, we help you switch to modern applications with high user acceptance

  • Repurchasing
    Move to Zuci’s expert recommended pay-as-you-go consumption model to reduce total cost of ownership

Cloud Optimization

Spend the right size of resources on cloud functions

Optimize cloud performance by choosing the right computing resources and assigning them to each application or workload. We will help you balance workload performance, cost, and security needs in real time to find the optimal infrastructure configuration.

If you’re already on the cloud, Zuci will help you reach your optimization goal in 3 steps:

Stages of cloud migration

Cloud Rearchitecting & Containers

Rearchitect your systems so that they can be more cloud-friendly

Planning to move toward cloud-native architectures, but reluctant because of the cost and complexity of migrating applications?

We believe the solution lies in breaking down the functionalities into smaller, more manageable steps that can be completed incrementally over time as necessary for the conceptual integrity of new services. Thus, ensuring that you don’t lose sight of what makes your applications great while making a smooth transition into a new paradigm.

For this, we adopt the Strangler Fig approach to manage risk while modernizing large monolithic architecture

Containers in Cloud Computing

If you’re switching to containers from traditional environments, our team is experienced in helping clients navigate through the transition process. Zuci’s cloud experts know what resources are needed and how best to deploy them.

Zuci’s Cloud Migration Engagement Model

Our Cloud Migration Engagement Model is based on our expertise that adheres to both AWS and Azure’s best practice recommendations. The methodology ensures that organizations embrace the cloud as a strategic technology for long-term success and assures alignment at every stage of a cloud migration.

The Cloud Migration Engagement Model is divided into three main phases, each with important tasks and outputs that guarantee a smooth cloud migration.

Zuci will collaborate with the customer’s Cloud Enablement Team (CET), product managers, and other key stakeholders in the cloud migration process and is agile with the iterative delivery of value for the client at every point.

We detail a plan with:

  • Cloud adoption baseline assessment and business value assessment
  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Technical design workshops
  • Cloud landing zone HLD
  • Cloud migration pilot HLD
  • Cloud migration strategy

Our team gets into action by:

  • Collaborating with your teams in an agile manner
  • Communicating phase-wise implementation timeline based on the number of applications and environments to be converted
  • Continuing to provide the value iteratively
While transitioning to production we ensure:

  • All migrated apps have been successfully transferred to their “run” team, as well as all technical and non-technical skills have been moved, and that any data center or hardware decommissioning actions are defined
  • Reporting in line with the governance framework’s agreements
  • Verification of any required extra engineering support
  • Verification of any necessary ongoing training support

How We Work

Cloud Strategy Team

The cloud strategy team defines objectives and business outcomes for cloud investments and aligns business priorities and cloud adoption efforts.

Cloud Governance Team

The cloud governance team mitigates the risks associated with cloud investments by converting those risks into sound corporate policies.

Cloud Adoption Team

Cloud adoption teams implement technical solutions in the cloud to deliver on the cloud strategy, in alignment with policy.

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