Unify your business workflows so that they’re accessible, scalable and secure—no matter where they live or which systems they use.


Unify your business workflows so that they’re accessible, scalable and secure—no matter where they live or which systems they use.

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Is Platform Integration Necessary?

With dozens of systems, applications, and partners to keep track of, it’s hard for IT departments to keep up. Which also means data is in silos and not communicating with each other.

Is your business subject to:

Data Loss

Disconnected Information

Increased Costs

Loss of Agility

Higher TCO

Zuci’s hybrid integration practice is a fast, reliable way to break down the silos and build a digital ecosystem with seamless integration across various enterprise applications and partners.

Our Platform Integration Services:

Application Integration

Ensure a seamless flow of processes and information between all your apps

Our integration services are designed to solve the challenges your infrastructure faces with respect to security vulnerabilities, applications without API support and latency issues leading to higher response times.

We do this by:

  • Integrating your system with other applications through API calls or middleware components, making your business more efficient and flexible
  • Building a fully connected automated system with best integration practices customized for your application
  • Connecting your application to other services and processing data without having to write codes
  • Reducing risk and cost to your business with data quality and security

Our team will cover:

Database Integration

Integrate disparate data sources into your data ecosystem

With big data at the helm of business intelligence and analytics today, there’s never been a better time for database integration to ensure the effective use of enterprise data. We empower our clients to unlock the value in their data.

For this Zuci works towards:

Creating a single source of truth

Function with greater confidence as all data is accounted for and transformed for overall growth

Ensuring complete control

Control enterprise-wide data or information from a central location to reduce delivery time

Integrating data from across systems

Consolidate data from sources including legacy, cloud and on-premise databases

API Management

API-first approach to build an API-centered architecture

Unlock the value of your existing sources, enhance the way you share data between systems across cloud or on prem, and accelerate growth.

We work with industry’s topmost trusted platforms to offer:

Improved API discoverability

Manage and share APIs easily both internally and externally

Faster Delivery

Develop valuable apps and go-to-market in lesser time with an API-first approach

Seamless API Management

Enjoy a unified experience and a clear view across internal and external APIs

Upgrade from legacy

Adopt modern REST-based APIs for innovative development

API Security

Safely integrate APIs in all environments, we help you protect them with appropriate tokens, IP filtering as well as by improving latency

Zuci’s Integration Solutions

ZIO – An Enterprise Data Bus (EDB) Solution
(Our home-brewed solution)

ZIO is a single source of truth for your integration needs. It acts as an EDB solution to various integration scenarios, such as disparate systems, enabling lowest Total Cost of Ownership, automating workflows, while giving your business the freedom and flexibility to deliver value.

Zuci’s Partnership With Dell Boomi

Zuci has partnered with one of industry’s leading integration platforms, Dell Boomi. With certified Boomi experts in the team, we help businesses unify business data and applications to easily share information within their organization, making processes more streamlined, efficient, and effective.

Why Choose Zuci to Implement Boomi Services?

  • Expert resources on team dedicated for implementation
  • Use of best practices to ensure your Dell Boomi service is running efficiently and securely
  • Proven methods for error handling, monitoring, and more

What Benefits can Dell Boomi offer?

  • Accelerate platform infrastructure modernization
  • Enable lower TCO for customers
  • Connect to on-premises and cloud applications with ease
  • Deliver complex integrations with cost-effectiveness
  • Bring in business agility
  • Integrate at scale

Our Expert Work in Action

How Zuci Transformed Merchandising for a Leading Hospital Gift Solution’s Retailer

Why Zuci?

We’ve made it our mission to help you gain more control over information.

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