As the pace of change quickens, so does your need for an effective IT solution that can provide you with on-the-go infrastructure services.


As the pace of change quickens, so does your need for an effective IT solution that can provide you with on-the-go infrastructure services.

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We understand that modernizing your infrastructure requires an outcome-based collaboration. Our digital-ready IT infrastructure services are optimized to adapt to the unpredictable needs of enterprises for the digital age while helping you realize business value.

Challenges Of Managing IT Infrastructure

Legacy Hardware Devices

Disorganized System Integration

Inefficient Data Storage Architecture

Operational Agility

How Zuci Can Help You

Integrate multiple legacy systems & re-architect to cloud

Accelerate complex processes through automation

Optimize data storage architecture

Real-time view and impact analysis

Comply with security practices and regulations


Infrastructure as Code(IaC)

As an enterprise, your infrastructure is being constantly modified to meet user and developer needs while deploying multiple applications.

Our goal is to help you automate and orchestrate your infrastructure even if it’s built on the cloud so that it’s always available, up to date, and scales up or down as the business needs change.

Zuci’s IaC Implementation Architecture:

With this Zuci will:


Logging and Monitoring

With Zuci, you can monitor the health of your infrastructure, proactively at lower costs, and forecast future resource consumption.

What we take care of:

Metrics and Visualization

IT operations data analytics management provides a real-time overview of the complex infrastructure, including systems, networks, applications, etc., which allows for early detection, root cause identification and improved resolution time in case of failures.

Our expertise in data visualization helps you to define the KPIs, generate reports and build IT analytics dashboard for the CIO office to continuously monitor and develop insights that can help in improving and optimizing the IT infrastructure.

Zuci’s process strengthens your infrastructure by:

Mining the data, to report the right KPIs

Discovering any pattern and finding the correlation to analyze impacts in a fast and effective manner

Choosing the right visualization for effectively capturing and reviewing any changes to your infrastructure

Summarizing your key metrics and conveying important information with
Dashboards > Story telling > Actionable Insights

Security Operations

We believe that securing your organization’s IT infrastructure should be a shared responsibility between the IT department and the security team.

Our approach combines threat and risk mitigation with IT operational processes to reduce/minimize vulnerabilities without impacting business agility.

Zuci’s SecOps capabilities:

Non-compliant user access going unchecked

Failure to maintain a critical asset inventory

Partial or incomplete vulnerability scans

Unavailability of logs

Continuous compliance helps reduce audit fatigue and helps you achieve compliance across PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2 regulations. We will ensure you meet your compliance and security posture with:

Inventory Management

Timely Escalation Alerts

Evidence Collection and Remediate wherever possible

Cloud Ops

We help you build the ability to optimize the utilization of IT resources by introducing virtualization, automation and service management methods in the cloud environment.

It’s the era of smart cloud. Take advantage of the cloud model that is the most apt for your business needs. Zuci’s service capabilities span across

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Whatever your goal, with Zuci’s experts, take charge of reinventing your business.

Enable your workload to achieve optimal performance by choosing the best-in-class services

Develop cloud-native and microservices architecture

Modernize your IT infrastructure and applications

Server consolidation through containerization

Accelerate application development

We help you gain ground with a cloud-first approach:

Our Expert Work in Action
Designing a Patient-First Technology Solution for Real-Time Financial Assistance in Healthcare
Our Expert Work in Action
Las Vegas Credit Union Reclaimed 80% of Employee Time and Effort With Digital Workforce

Why Consider Zuci?

At the forefront of the trends in infrastructure management services.

Customized solutions using cloud computing, big data analytics and machine learning.

Strong network of partners across BFSI, healthcare, retail and hospitality.

Successfully upgrade your infrastructure with a comprehensive technical strategy, architecture, and implementation plan.