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Is your goal:

increase the deployment frequency

To Increase the
deployment frequency

improved operational efficiency

Improved operational

release quality products

Release quality products
at speed

Streamline your DevTestOps practices with Zuci today and improve the speed and
quality of your software development.

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Here are the reasons you need to
streamline your DevTestOps

  • Your teams have a tough time managing complex infrastructure
  • Synergy levels between development and QAs are minimal
  • Manual provisioning of environments
  • Inconsistent release processes and frequent release cycles
  • Spending way too much time on deployment issues

Do you know?

  • Transitioning to DevOps with right automation practices set AMAZON up for continuous deployments at an average of every 11.6 seconds

  • Eliminating siloes among development, testing & operations, allowed NETFLIX to deploy codes to production 1000 times per day

  • ETSY realized the shared responsibilities among the teams and joined the DevTestOps bandwagon to get away with slow, tedious deployment practices.

Here’s how you can step forward with Zuci’s DevTestOps offerings

The success of DevTestOps depends entirely on the quality of automation practices in the organization. Zuci with decades of expertise in automation has enabled organizations like yours to automate the provisioning of environments, ease the process of deployments, configurations, monitoring and testing.

Our offerings within the context of DevTestOps include,

  • Functional E2E testing, including:

    • Integration testing
    • Transactional testing
  • Automation

  • Load, Performance and Reliability Testing

  • Asynchronous work scenarios

  • Security

  • Continuous Integration / Continuous
    Delivery setup

Zuci’s way of DevTestOps implementation

dev testops implementation

Our in-house DevTestOps maturity assessment model based on the framework used by industry leaders helps evaluate your readiness to implement DevTestOps services into your SDLC. We offer a strategic outline to get started with DevTestOps initiatives among your teams.

Step 1: Introduce you to DevTestOps maturity models and readiness assessment

Step 2: Evaluate your current DevTestOps maturity based on automation adoption, tools and CI/CD practices

Step 3: Analyze the result and offer recommendations on the best-fit process and tools for DevTestOps adoption


Our expertise in Shift-left testing approach enables defect containment right from the development stage by facilitating developers and testers work in parallel using Behavior-driven development (BDD) and Acceptance Test-driven development (ATDD) models.

These reverse engineering approaches will help to clear any requirements ambiguity between the engineering teams and business stakeholders and create test cases that prevent defects escaping to the later stages of your development life cycle.


We identify your DevTestOps pain points and help define your goals right from the planning stages through implementation and support. Our expertise in DevTestOps tools and process will help you with

Eliminating Configuration mismatches

Amplifying the collaboration between your development and test efforts and

Maximizes automation efforts to deliver a quality application.


Our thoroughbred test engineers help with not only in continuous automated tests, but they also perform coding work on setting up infrastructure, monitoring it, testing microservices, running them locally in the Docker environment and so on.


With DevTestOps, our test engineers with right CI/CD practices help you to identify errors as early as the developer “commit” codes and run series of automated tests on the deployment pipeline to enhance the release cycles and launch a production-ready application

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