A glimpse into Zengineering

Our philosophy and culture evolved with our people, and it was only later that we realized we’d been Zengineering long before we even coined the word. The ecosystem of excellence we’ve built came into being because we weren’t consciously ticking things off on our checklist. Instead, we lead by example, encouraged everyone to do better than they thought they could and trusted the people we work with to make the right decisions for us and our clients.

Zengineering – the Zuci way of life isn’t an end result, it is a word of action, to incrementally grow to be a better version of ourselves. As Zengineers, we exemplify, enable and empower excellence.

A glimpse into Zengineering

Our philosophy and culture evolved with our people, and it was only later that we realized we’d been Zengineering long before we even coined the word. The ecosystem of excellence we’ve built came into being because we weren’t consciously ticking things off on our checklist. Instead, we lead by example, encouraged everyone to do better than they thought they could and trusted the people we work with to make the right decisions for us and our clients.

Zengineering – the Zuci way of life isn’t an end result, it is a word of action, to incrementally grow to be a better version of ourselves. As Zengineers, we exemplify, enable and empower excellence.

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Zengineering is not a set of goals that we put up for ourselves and hoped to reach. We simply created an environment which encouraged people to not look at their roles as fixed but in turn to pitch in wherever they saw a need and could be of help. Zengineering is the mindset of going beyond the ask or job description or process, to grow with each other and deliver excellence in what we do.

Elements of Zengineering

Zengineering emerged from the experiences of Zucians. When we looked back at our history, we saw the signature of Zengineering evident all over.

In our stories is where we found about what makes up Zengineers.


Creating an ecosystem that gives everyone the opportunity to give their best shot every single day is enabling excellence, the Zengineering way


Zengineering is making sure every Zengineer feels a sense of ownership and can make decisions for themselves to help Zuci and our clients thrive


The grit to deliver excellence is a trait that we see across Zuci. We take immense pride in the work we do and each Zucian exemplifies Zengineering for us.

Zengineering Deconstructed

Zuci way of engineering excellence

Engineering Zen moments for our clients

Gen Z way of engineering

The Z factor of engineering excellence

Zuci engine that drives excellence

Zengineer Testimonials

Rajkumar Purushothaman,
Winner of League of Superheroes Award

Great achievements are nurtured with the cooperation of many minds working towards a common goal. Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations laid by ZUCI systems enabling us to perform the extraordinary as the team continues to raise the bar of excellence.

Arun Mohan,
Runner of Incredibles Award

Winning a team award is an incredible achievement that reflects the collective effort, dedication, and skills of everyone involved in the project and it is a reminder of what can be accomplished when people come together to pursue a common goal with passion and commitment.

Naga Satya Lakshmi Kalyan Allam
COVID-19 dashboard

Kalyan’s team built a COVID-19 dashboard and showed it to our customer contact. She, in turn, took it to her boss. As Kalyan’s team was already hard-pressed for time, the customer told them to put the project on the back burner. However, his team persisted and did that as pro bono work. His team ended up building a good dashboard in two months. Now, it is a significant revenue-making dashboard for our customer, and has expanded to seven other dashboards

Tamil Bharathi
Creative prospecting

Zuci got this lead from a conference that we participated. But it went cold after a point in time. Still, the sales resource kept in touch with him. Finally, he wrote a mail stating that if he gets a response from the prospect on the weekend, he will treat himself to a beer during the weekend. The prospect asked him to treat himself to a beer, so a meeting was set up for Monday. They are our customers now.

Fidelis Rodrigo
Stakeholder collaboration

A seemingly unresolvable issue popped up in one of our projects that the client gave up on after hitting a major technology roadblock. Fidelis refused to accept defeat and burnt the midnight oil for the next 3 days to find a solution to make it work. We woke up to see him have achieved the impossible on the third day. The client was obviously ecstatic and a Zengineering moment came to life. Fidelis’s attitude that night is an example of everything Zuci stands for.

Dhanalakshmi Tamilarasan
Non-functional aspects – all the time!

At Zuci, we don’t stop at functional testing, but as a practice, testing team also ensures that they examine the non-functional testing aspects, even when it is not a direct ask from the customer. Anytime Dhana’s team is tasked with ensuring the functionality of a customer’s product, her team takes ownership of the product and assesses the non-functional aspects like performance, security, and then recommends the development team on the modules/areas of improvement. Now, it’s one of the ways her team empowers the customers’ products to thrive through release.

Pavithra Seshadri
Honing the team’s strengths

Zuci had a challenging project for a customer that required a mix of skills. The skills needed weren’t easy to find. A team of two, led by Pavithra, was working on Phase I of this project, filling the shoes of five resources. Collaboration was a challenge. Her team’s Friday lunch and coffee sessions helped break the ice by knowing her team better and identifying each other’s strengths. This helped in proper work allocation and project delivery.

Balamurugan Vellaichamy
Learn and Implement

The customer wanted to develop a ticketing system. While the project was not complex, they wanted Bala’s team to implement a pretty new framework. Considering past experiences, the customer had decided to partner with Zuci. Bala’s team quickly did the learning and cracked the technology pieces to start the development sooner. The team went beyond the expectations and suggested a container (Docker) that provided the capability to test once and deploy anywhere. This ensured that the application did not have any issues during production and reduced its time to certify for different environments.

Hamna Thottumugath
Onboarding 100+ resources within a few months

Recruitment challenges are typical for a growing start-up. At Zuci, the complications multiplied when the HR team was looking at onboarding many Zengineers within a few months. However, Hamna looked at recruitment challenges as possible opportunities, flipped the onboarding processes a bit, and provided an experience that the candidates would not forget. Her team ensured that the entire interview process got over within a day, offline or online. Every individual gets feedback and offers within 48 hours from the time the engagement starts—the reason why Zuci was able to onboard so many Zengineers in the last four months.

Saifudeen Khan
Getting into Customer’s shoes

Covid 19 induced lockdown had all the businesses think of alternate options. Saif’s team was stuck as they couldn’t access the client’s systems and servers working from home. Saif’s team rewrote the project planning documents explaining what is possible from remote, their dependencies on their on-premise system that aren’t accessible, and how this would affect the delivery timelines. This helps Saif’s team identify portions of work that could be handled remotely and diligently work on those. In the time that has passed, the team’s relationship with the client has evolved. The trust gained has made the client relax their security policies, and the work has generated speed.

Aswin Francis
Collaboration and curiosity

When Aswin’s team of 4 started to work on the project, all the knowledge sharing was done over chats and calls, and they documented all of it in Wiki for future references. Through this collaboration, the entire team was up to speed in no time. When working on the project, they talked about the solution implementation, how it works, and what is going on behind the framework. This allowed his team to share their wisdom with others and any relevant articles that they come across. Today, they have an internal wiki that has more details about the products than what the customer has.

Become a Zengineer


The Zengineering Approach To Decision-Making

We as Zengineers have open conversations, critical evaluations and a diverse set of opinions on the table and that brings out the innovativeness in the decisions we make including the technology delivered to our clients.

Crafting Zen Moments

It was just another usual work morning with Jana, our CTO and the team in the conference room. We discussed the progress and updates of our engineering management platform- HORUS.

Have you ever been in a paradoxical situation where, for instance, your business is booming but that turns out to be a challenge? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening at Zuci Systems, which has been growing at breakneck speed in the last few years.

I participated in a panel discussion some time ago, and I recall the event for the organisers’ thoughtfulness. Prior to the panel discussion, all panellists were handed a set of 10 core questions to “prepare” and “come.”

My first lesson on stress came to me quite early in life. When I was in school, I was talking to my friend’s father about the upcoming exams. I casually mentioned that I was stressed, thinking about the exams. He began asking me questions about stress, which I did not understand.

Now think about how many times you’ve heard an HR person say, “We have X number of people with skills in Y and Z technologies. They want to go to the US and work.

If you’re a smart, young graduate and are given two options, which one will you choose?

Most nations were unprepared to deal with the pandemic when it first appeared in March 2020. Locking down everything was the only option at that point to stop the COVID infection from spreading.

Test Automation is a big step for any organization as it involves a lot of expenses. To get a value return, read these words! The shift from manual to automated testing is hectic and expensive.

When it comes to recalibrating or redefining hiring trends for a specific scenario or situation, things can get tricky.

Consider the following situation: A fresh engineering graduate appears for an interview at a company that’s looking for programmers.

I’m guessing everybody has, at some point in time, created a to-do list. Some do it regularly, and some reserve it only for critical tasks.

Introduced in the early 1980s, the T-shaped employee stands for someone who is both a specialist and a generalist at the same time.

Recently, one of the more progressive schools in my locality hired a marketing consultant to develop its vision statement. She had two options: to drive this top-down and organize

Nelson Mandela famously said that he learned leadership from his father, by attending village meetings as a child. His father was the chief, and always spoke last.

What is one thing that is common to all your employees? Is it your company culture? Is it professionalism? Is it your company’s values? A common goal?

If you work in the IT industry, skill gaps are a part of life. Every single day, I come across resumes that “kind of” meet our requirements. Candidates who just fall short of exactly what we need.

This fascinating anecdote was shared with me by a senior leader who recently joined Zuci Systems. Maybe we find some inspiration out there.

In the Netflix miniseries, The Billion Dollar Code, a team of multi-faceted individuals work against a tight, 1-year deadline to develop a revolutionary software product.

Believe it or not, why a great employee leaves and what must be done to retain them is often a mystery for most organizations.

At 3 am on a weekday, I received a call from a close friend of mine. Naturally I was quite worried, and wanted to know if something was seriously wrong.

Very often, the reason why rockstar employees choose to quit is just this: the lack of a defined career path. To begin with, let us see how experts define what a career path is.

Many years ago, a friend in a managerial position had this conversation with his boss during his appraisal discussion.

It doesn’t have to be any of these. However, recognition on the grand stage and at jamborees may help. Employee recognition must be a continuous process. So, let’s look at some simple yet cool ways to build employee engagement through recognition:

What is Employee Engagement? Are we talking about a bunch of group activities that people do? Or are we talking about outdoor activities that organizations plan once a quarter?

What’s the connection between employee engagement and business success? Here are some interesting statistics.

They say that the world is divided into two types of people—those who love mathematics and those who hate it. I am firmly in the second category but there is one equation that I came across and has stuck with me down the years, even today.

Fraud Awareness: Stay Alert, Stay Informed

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