Preethy Senthil Kumar

Module Lead - Business Analyst

Preethy Senthilkumar is a seasoned IT professional with 12+ years of experience specializing in Business Analysis. She excels in aligning business needs with IT solutions, fostering collaboration across teams, and ensuring project success. With expertise in Agile methodologies, particularly within the Scrum Framework, she has worked across diverse domains including Investment Banking, Healthcare, and Postal logistics. Currently an Agile product owner at Zuci, Preethy is committed to client satisfaction in the Postal logistics industry. Certified as a Scrum Master and advanced Product Owner, she is pursuing a Master's in Business Analytics while also serving as a mindfulness instructor for Zuci's Happy Minds program.

Beyond the Envelope: Steering Digital Transformation in Postal Services

Today, postal companies confront the challenge of swiftly transitioning from traditional mail services to the dynamic realm of eCommerce and online retail. Consequently, there is an escalating demand to adapt strategies in order to navigate the swiftly evolving technology landscape and meet evolving customer expectations.

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