How IoT is Radically Transforming Businesses

Reading Time: 13 mins IoT is not just limited to Smart Homes but has gone on to make its presence felt in industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Retail among others. Read on to learn more.

Business Intelligence or Data Analytics: What Is Better for Business?

Reading Time: 24 mins If you're new to business intelligence (BI) and data analytics or trying to decide if this is the right strategy for your business, it can be challenging to make sense of your options. This blog will help you with a comprehensive overview of BI and data analytics in one place.

7 Best Healthcare Apps to Watch Out for in 2022

Reading Time: 13 mins Taking care of our health need not take a backseat anymore just because there’s no time to visit a medical facility. From sleep to physical ailments, there is an app for everything.

Data Engineering vs. Data Science: Key Differences

Reading Time: 15 mins What is the difference between data engineering and data science? Is one a superset of the other? Is one even more important than the other? This blog will discuss these differences in-depth.

Why Application Security Must Be a Priority for Developers

Reading Time: 13 mins Application security is of the utmost importance to app developers, as they are responsible for building an application that will be used by millions of people. Just like most things in this world, applications aren’t without their vulnerabilities.

How Is Data Analytics Used in Business?

Reading Time: 24 mins Data analytics is an increasingly important aspect of business, and it's also one of the most misunderstood. I hope that this blog can provide some helpful information about how data analytics is used in business.

An Ultimate Guide to RPA

Reading Time: 27 mins 78% of those who implemented RPA are expected to increase their investment over the next three years.

25 Data Science Tools to be Used in 2022

Reading Time: 30 mins A list of 25 tools used in prominent data science companies to enable users to build Machine learning models, develop complex statistical algorithms and perform other advanced data science tasks.

Comparing Business Intelligence Tools: Tableau vs. Power BI vs. Qlik vs. Domo

Reading Time: 19 mins Business intelligence tools are not created equal. They have different features and capabilities. Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, and Domo are the four most prominent business intelligence platforms, and each has its pros and cons. In this blog, find out which Business Intelligence tool is best for your needs.

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