A Non-Profit Organization Shifted Its Daily Operational Tasks to Digitalization Through RPA


Meet our client

An international non-profit organization took its shape in the early 2000s to fight against three major pandemics – AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Through the provision of ample resources to combat these deadly infectious diseases, they managed to extend their influence on 140-plus countries by 2014. Presently, the organization has established partnerships with governments, civil societies, private and public sectors.


Problem Statement

Our client, a non-profit organization, receives funds across the globe for undertaking initiatives for the prevention of three deadly diseases – AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

On a daily basis, employees were tasked with overseeing activities like reconciling bank account transactions and compiling monthly reports. This process was not only time consuming as it involved the manual collection of data from multiple sources, followed by consolidation and storage in a designated location.

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Problem Statement

These tasks without doubt fall under rule-based repetitive, mundane tasks that need to be automated, hence the organization reached out Zuci’s team for assistance in simplifying the robotic automation journey, leveraging the expertise in RPA.


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How Zuci Systems Helped?

The Zuci’s RPA team identified bot workflows with the help of Microsoft Power Automate RPA tool. Utilizing Power Automate bots, they efficiently extract pertinent information from received emails, with additional support from apps such as Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint.


Automation Process Flow of Downloading Monthly Bank Statements


Automation Process Flow of Daily Variance Report and Reconciliation


Automation Process Flow of Maintaining Bank Connection Status Report


Benefits Achieved

Compliance significantly mitigated risks
Accuracy achieved through avoiding human errors
Manual touchpoints


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