Built a data warehousing solution for a property management software service provider


Empowering Property Managers With RealTime Insights Using AWS And Snowflake

Our client aims to fast-track property managers’ decisionmaking process with a real-time analytics solution.

Meet Our Client

Our client is a property management software solution provider who transforms how property managers manage their properties and build tenant relationships to grow their business. They integrate all the necessary tools for property managers to efficiently manage their properties and improve the tenant experience – from prospective tenant applications to move-out inspections and everything in between to help property managers create a meaningful and modern tenant experience.


Operational Challenges:

  • Multiple disconnected systems creating significant barriers in communication across core and leadmanaging application workflows.
  • Tracking activities and events in disparate property management applications to perform real-time analytics.
  • Limited capabilities for property managers to measure events and view dashboards for instant decision-making.


Zuci’s Approach to Building a Business Intelligence Solution:

Our team developed a data warehousing solution using AWS technologies and Snowflake to build the client’s analytical capabilities. This solution focused on seamless event integration and real-time processing, ensuring that data-driven insights are accurate and timely. Here’s how our experts tackled the challenge:


Schematic representation of data warehousing architecture


1. Data Collection and Streaming:

Our engineers designed a system where events generated from diverse applications are automatically captured and funneled through AWS Kinesis, Data Streams & Firehose. Here, AWS Lambda transforms the data before it is sent downstream.

2. Efficient Data Staging:

We configured AWS S3 buckets to store all raw data. Our developers then worked on S3 to send notifications via AWS SQS to trigger the necessary data handling steps for optimizing the responsiveness and accuracy of data flows.


3. Data Loading and Continuous Integration:

By utilizing Snowflake’s Snowpipe, our solution ensured continuous data loading from the S3 bucket into the data warehousing system without manual intervention, helping fast-track the analytics/dashboard generation process.

4. Data Transformation and Accessibility:

Our data engineers used DBT (Data Build Tool) to process, transform, refine, and structure the raw data in the warehouse for analysis. This step allowed us to build and maintain a scalable data infrastructure and define the final data model to support robust analytics, empowering the client with actionable insights for strategic decision-making.


Business Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Real-Time Decision-Making: Property managers now have near real-time access to operational metrics and KPIs, improving responsiveness and strategic decision-making.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automating data capture and integration processes has reduced the time required for data availability to less than 4 hours, streamlining operations across the board.
  • Improved Tenant Management: With better insights and faster data processing, we enhanced tenant management capabilities, improving tenant satisfaction and retention.


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