Digitally transforming delivery networks with custom-made desktop application



A case study on development of desktop application.

Our client wanted to modernize and digitally transform their delivery networks and operations for their domestic and international customers. The mission was to develop a custommade desktop application to enable end-to-end visibility across its entire delivery network and set its path towards enhanced security, operational efficiency and superior customer experience.


Meet Our Client

Our client is one of the largest software solutions providers for post, retail and logistics. With a goal to connect over one billion customers worldwide, they are revolutionizing e-commerce for post, retail and logistics sectors through mobile Point-of-Sales (mPOS), PUDO, self-service kiosks and counter solutions. Their unique software platform acts as a single source of information for the aforementioned industry sectors and the end-users by integrating inventory management, receipts, compliance, shipping and delivery management.


Problem Statement

Aware of these challenges, the client turned towards Zuci Systems to build a customized desktop application and digitally transform the post’s delivery network and operations.


Business goals

Our client’s aim was to develop a desktop application that would help its end-user to,



Key Achievements

Delivered 10 components within a short duration of


Expedited the development cycle and deployment process by


Elevated customer satisfaction and engagement levels by digitally transforming their business process. This led to a


improvement in user engagement.


Tech Stack


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