The world’s largest postal software solution provider works with Zuci to build customized mobile applications for mobile post offices



A case study on mobile application modernization and quality assurance services.

The world’s largest provider of software solutions for post, retail and logistics organizations wanted to enhance and customize their Point-of-Sale (PoS) application. The mission was to move past the standard features available on the platform and build customized components that would match up with the needs of the customer and eventually enhance efficiency of their end-to-end postal and courier services.


About our client

Our client is one of the world’s largest and leading providers of software solutions for post, retail and logistics organizations through a variety of channels such as Point-of-Service (PoS), PuDo(Pick up Drop off), self-service kiosks, and counter solutions. The all-in-one platform breaks silos between the organizations and the end-users by connecting the dots between inventory management, receipts, compliance, shipping and delivery management. Our client aims to help post, retail and logistics organizations connect more than one billion customers with e-commerce worldwide.


Problem Statement

Our client was building a customised mPOS and was faced with increasing demands for customization of features such as retail, delivery management, serialization of inventory, streamlining sending and receiving of packages, issuing outpayments to beneficiaries, and introducing real-time visibility into order progress. The situation became more challenging due to a constrained timeline and it resulted in delayed feature releases, negatively impacting the end users.


Some of the other major challenges faced by our client were:

To address these challenges, our client sought collaboration with a digital engineering and quality assurance service provider capable of assessing and enhancing the application’s quality processes. The objective was to streamline the quality processes, effectively gather requirements , develop critical components and perform intense regression testing.



How did we try solving it?

Zuci earmarked a scrum team with Scrum Master, Services Product Owner, Software Developers, Quality Engineers, and a technical writer to work in Virtual Offshore Development (VODC) Model. Here’re the activities our augmented team carried out:

Captured and crafted requirements with precision



Application Customization

  • Our team adjusted to the in-house sprint schedule and worked together with the client’s core development team in rearchitecting the application’s infrastructure.
  • During the entire collaboration, our team followed an agile approach with an assured biweekly component release which helped the client in deploying critical components such as shipping, agency, outpayments, retail, asset management and money transfers at a faster pace.


Key Achievements

Reduced the release cycle duration by


and accelerated the deployment of components
(delivered 12 components within one month).

Enhanced customer retention by



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