HALO’s machine learning capabilities will help to:

– Increase the creditworthy borrowers by 33%
– Reduce the credit cost by 26%
– Reduce the first payment default (FPD) rate by 22%
– Improve overall underwriting productivity by 45%

Get consumer lending right with
our intelligent underwriting technology

HALO (Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Output) is a Machine Learning-based underwriting product aimed at pre-qualifying leads and making automated credit decisions for lending businesses. HALO can get you started with minimal data like applicant data, dunning date, delinquency rate, collections data & the past history of existing customer data.

Pricing for HALO

Zuci Systems helped us to significantly improve lead rejection accuracy and lead selection accuracy within 6 months of implementation of HALO.

James C. Jacobson
President at First Financial Service Center

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