Hyper-personalization: A game-changer for credit unions & mortgage providers


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It has been proved over the years that credit unions & mortgage origination & servicing firms that get the customer experience right will, in turn, create engaged customers who are more likely to return to the same credit/ mortgage provider.

This webinar will focus on how lenders can know a customer better, thereby increasing their revenue streams, the technology that can help and why it is crucial.

Key take-away:

  1. Characteristics that lending firms need to look at or improvise, to better the customer experience.
  2. How an end-to-end digitized lending process, can result in improving the lending business and bring in repeat customers
  3. How can you increase cross-sell/upsell loan products, thereby increasing the revenue stream?
  4. How lenders can employ a future-looking approach with analytics to identify prospects with a propensity to acquire or default on loans.


Vasudevan Swaminathan
Zuci Systems

Raghunand Curpad
Director of BFSI Practice,
TCS Digital Software and Solutions

Susheel Leion
CSO and Head of US Operations,
Zuci Systems

Get your burning questions asked and answered in the 10 minutes live Q&A.


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