Non-functional testing in
the shift-left world


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As the software development and deployment teams have evolved over the past few years and speeded up the Continuous Delivery (CD), they find performing Non-functional Tests too late in the cycle often results in pricey work.

Agile-led DevOps teams have started to embrace shift-left testing to make Continuous Delivery (CD) happen. For some time now, functional tests have found its way to Shift-left, and it’s already time to do the same with Non-functional tests, adding it to the CI/CD pipeline.

With the right combination of teams, best practices, and testing methods, you can scale your Shift-left Non-functional tests in an organized manner. Join our webinar, “Non-functional testing in the Shift-left world,” to learn how to evolve your testing strategy.

Watch our webinar to discover:

  • The Rise of “Shift-Left” Testing
  • Testing “Non-Functional” Requirements: The Road Traveled
  • Non-Functional Testing in the “Shift Left” world
  • Live Q&A with Zuci’s consultants


Photo Vasudevan

Vasudevan Swaminathan

President & Chief Consultant at Zuci Systems

Vasu is the President & Principal Consultant at Zuci Systems, where he has played a pivotal role in developing innovative solutions in the financial services space. He has envisioned various solutions including HORUS, HALO, and Handyman, among other.

Vasu uses his extensive industry knowledge to better understand the clients and utilize cutting edge technologies in the most effective ways.

Get your burning questions asked and answered in the 10 minutes live Q&A.


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