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75% of the organizations rate themselves as customer centric. But, how many of them truly walk the talk? Research shows that only 30% of the customers agree with this. What’s the reason for this gap? Long answer short, Customer Experience!

Companies are beginning to invest more in the usability of their application more than ever in an attempt to build a better user experience for their customers. Many a time, things don’t come through well, placing the burden on teams to quickly find areas where experiences went downhill for the users and ways to stop them from switching to their competition.

There are tips and techniques one can use to lessen the burden!

Watch our webinar ‘Usability Testing: A Game Changer to Customer Experience’ to understand

  • Why UX Testing matter?
  • Various UX testing approaches and how to start with them
  • How to leverage various tools for UX testing?
  • Business outcomes that come out from investing in UX


Sujatha Sugumaran

Sujatha Sugumaran

Head of Quality Engineering

Sujatha has laser-sharp focus when it comes to quality and zero tolerance for erroneous codes. She has managed quality for a variety of products in different phases of product life cycle across different domains and technology stacks. She specializes in test automation, performance testing and managing end-to-end quality delivery. Sujatha believes in getting her hands dirty while checking for quality and enjoys learning new technologies.

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