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CARE(Check, Act, Refine, Evolve) – A 360 Degree Approach To Quality

Software Testing and Quality has come a long way since the 90’s and the domain has gone through a number of changes in many areas including tools, techniques and thoughts. However, all the enhancements and improvements have only added more complexity on the path to achieving quality for software applications. 

A well devised test consulting strategy and framework(a word that is heavily overused, which has different meanings in the software world and hence I will try and explain the meaning of this word for the purpose of this article shortly 😊) taking into the consideration the needs of the application can help in alleviating the challenges experienced by quality leaders in organizations and Zuci’s CARE(Check, Act, Refine and Evolve) has been carefully built precisely based on problems we repeatedly encountered working with out clients. 

Now, before we go any further and discuss CARE and its features, let me explain what the word “framework” means and why we call CARE as a framework. One of the definitions from “The “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary” says a framework is, “the parts of a building or an object that support its weight and give it shape”  and that’s precisely the meaning with which we need to view Zuci’s CARE. 

The 9-step sequential approach to “Continuous Quality Improvements” is the essence of CARE and it involves the right combination of Process, People and Technology. Talk to us to know more how we CARE for your software quality. 

Vasudevan Swaminathan

Bibliophile, Movie buff & a Passionate Storyteller. President @ Zuci systems

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