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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence: Software Testing To Get “Smarter”??

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Those of you who happened to be at the Moscone center in San Francisco this year for the Google I/O conference know would have stood witness to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s talk about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing systems and how Google products (particularly Google Assistant) are using them significantly to provide context specific search results for users. For those who didn’t make it to Moscone, please watch the video here just like I did. :)

Incidentally, media reported last Friday that Apple bought Machine Learning and artificial intelligence startup Turi which according to Media reflects a larger push by Apple into artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is interesting to note that Apple already acquired Perceptio and VocalIQ, two artificial intelligence/machine learning startups similar to Turi.

For companies and developers that are using machine learning to build their apps, Google’s Cloud Platform provides machine learning API’s such as Cloud Machine Learning Platform, Vision API, Speech API, Natural Language API, Translate API etc. Similarly, Google has open sourced TensorFlow, a software library for machine intelligence.

What does this all mean to the world of Software Testing and Quality? Can testers verify and validate mobile apps and other artificial intelligence software built using such tools and technologies? Can test automation be used to test such systems? If yes, what skills would be needed to test such systems? How can the world of Software Testing prepare to welcome Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based software systems?

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