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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) In 90 Days – Customer Testimonial


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) In 90 Days – Customer Testimonial

We helped Medisite realize their vision to revolutionize healthcare space in the US. The idea of the product was to eliminate unchecked abuse of medicines and drugs which is a matter of national crisis.

We brought together a team of specialized and skilled managers, developers, and testers to deliver the best outcomes for them. Consequently, this helped the healthcare sector quantify the number of drug abuser and subsequently eliminate the health risks associated with it. We helped them successfully go to market with their product in 90 days!

Watch the video below to catch Edward, Founder and CEO of Medisite, talk about his product and partnership with Zuci. He has some great insights and message for all entrepreneurs and product makers!

About Medisite

MediSite, Inc. is the parent company of MediSCRIPT* real-time prescription drug transaction monitor for retail pharmacies and their professional staff. The corporation was established in Michigan in 2009 as a health analytics platform with a focus on personal health records management.

For 15 years they have specialized in the development of software for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and have extensive expertise in implementing software projects. The products® and® are two tried and tested software solutions in their portfolio for use in the area of medicine and care-giving, oriented to sustainability and continuity.

Their products are available in several languages. Included among their customers are private and public hospitals, as well as internationally active industrial enterprises. To know more please visit their website here.

About Edward J. Eng

Edward is the Founder and CEO of Medisite, Inc. Behind a lengthy career in marketing communications, he has discretely established a new entrepreneurial direction into the health information service field. In 2009, he formed MediSite Inc, a personal health analytics platform. His skills penetrate to being a strategist and developer for brand and tactical marketing for individual and corporate retail, regional and national sales. He has in-depth experience in relationship marketing management & contact/database management. You can know more about him here.

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